Hip-Hop Rumors: Omarion Talks Rihanna! Jay-Z's Life After Rap? Mos Def Gets Pissed!

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content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.CHANCE ENCOUNTERSMy homey Chance is going to do the rumors this afternoon. Click here to get the rumors from earlier. Chance does his thing and his rumors/news do not necessarily reflect those of illseed.com or AllHipHop.com.DJ HOV?Jay-Z is preparing for life after rap ... as a DJ. He says "I've got a whole plan. I'm gonna get me a little Serato set, some DJ

software. I'm gonna work on that for six months, then I'm gonna find

out which DJ makes the most and charge double and tour". And of course he's got to do it big..."I'm gonna have video behind me and dancers I'm gonna have people just go out and pour champagne when I get to a

certain song. I'm going to make a whole show of this thing." So if your interested in having DJ Hov at your wedding or bar mitzvah you better "book [him] early, because the prices will be a little better because when I get good, I'm really going to go for it."O CHIMES INTiffany Evans

sparked a lot of controversy when she accused RiRi of worshiping

Lucifer ... now Omarion is chiming in on the dark, devil worshiping

music industry...even kind of accuses MJ. He said:

“I don’t personally know

Rihanna’s beliefs but I think there’s a very dark and very sinister part of the entertainment business and I think it’s very visible...for example Michael Jackson used to be a Jehovah’s Witness and I remember hearing that he wanted to separate from the religion — and this was during the time that he was doing ‘Thriller’ his biggest album. Fast forward to now and it really made me think that there is a time as an artist where there’s going to be a choice. The entertainment world dictates that you have to be with three or four women, or do this in order to get that and I think it’s really interesting. With God and the industry, it’s really dark. The dark side is having to get in, there’s a certain submission you need to have. Just like a gang initiation, so to speak. You might have to do something against your moral code. I’m not saying that it’s always this way, but when you’re someone that is young and you’re coming up in the industry and you really don’t have a grip on your morals it can be very dark. The game is just about over saturation. I don’t know if Rihanna has fallen victim to those pressures. I’ve never really heard her speak about it...I hope that she doesn’t believe in that stuff and I don’t think that she does, but I don’t know. It’s not just been a Rihanna thing, there has been

religious speculation about a lot of artists.”Here RiRi is hanging out with the Devil (CoCo) the other night:WHOSE THAT GIRL???

Recognize that woman on T-Pains shirt? Diddy does...FALL BACKMos Def was at LAX to catch a flight the other day and the

paparazzi was ... well being the paparazzi. But he wasn't having it

and one of the photogs almost got KTFOvideo platformvideo managementvideo solutionsfree video playerYou cant be pullin' this kind of s**t with rappers guys...EMINEM BACK TO HOLLYWOOD

Aside from working on his new album Relapse 2 ... Eminem has been

dabbling in the film business a little. Apparently he's in talks to

create a series of horror movies called Shady Talez...which he says

will pay tribute to the "classics" RACIST??

This White Dallas Cheerleader decided to go "colored" for Halloween...are you offended...I'm pretty sure I am!This is her on a regular day.And here's one of Aubrey O'Day's friends dressed as Kanye West:I'M JUST SAYIN'Roxanne Shante is fighting breast cancer ... put her in your prayers.Trick Daddy has an autobiography on the way.I'm

hearing Oprah is having some trouble with alchol and drugs ... read it

in a tabloid just putting it out there...dont quote me boy cause I aint

said s**t.Joe Jackson said during an interview ... Michael is worth more dead than alive ... True but damn Joe aint that ya boy??50 pushed his album back but it sprung a leak ... so maybe they'll still put it out "Super Monday" so it doesn't lose momentum.Macy Gray was dragged out of a party by a friend and word is she had been hanging out with that "white girl"Solange got dropped from Interscope but word is she's already working on a new album. Word is Matthew Knowles is paying stations not to play Letoya Lucketts song.Chris

Brown says he never hooked up with one of the girls, Natalie, on the

upcoming season of Bad Girls Club but she says she "put it on him."Steve Rifkind and Sanna Lathan are together?? ... Good job Steve.Lil Kim is supposedly working on a new album.TOLD YA...to keep an eye on these two ... Bow Wow and Teairra Mari hit a basketball game over the weekend:..Peace - CHANCECDR @ Twitter or Gmail

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed

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