Hip-Hop Rumors: People Are Sayin' This Mogul Ain't Payin'!

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Uh OH! That Jacky Jasper is at it again. As you know, Puffy Combs aka Diddy is starting a network called Revolt that will compete with BET and MTV. But, there are whispers that people are not getting paid. I dunno if I believe this, but the rumor isn't so great for the game.

HSK Exclusive - A group of Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs’ employees seem to be living up to the Bad Boy’s cable network name, revolting against the music mogul for reportedly shortchanging them over their work. If you recall, Puffy previously sparked a deal securing him music-themed cable network, “Revolt”.

Now, sources say Puffy gets away with not paying his employees by keeping them on staff as ‘independent contractors’.

We’re told Puff has Revolt President Andy Schuon to thank for closing the distribution deal with Comcast. That’s just before sources say Puffy landed a minority grant over the agreement, proving to continue to cash in.

Here’s the drop:

“Puffy ain’t paying his staff on time, and when he does they’re getting short changed. It’s was Andy Schuon who brought Comcast to the table.

Now, Puffy is spending Comcast money on Cassie. If Puffy doesn’t start taking care of his staff properly, we might revolt.”

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