Hip-Hop Rumors: Pharrell Pushes Big Boy Off Stage! Is Lil' Wayne A G.O.A.T?


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.

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AN ILLSEED COMMENT ABOUT LIL’ WAYNEI don’t offer my opinions too much on the rumors. I save that for the editorial page. But allow me to comment on Lil’ Wayne since he is the man of the hour. First, let me say up front, I’m not a huge fan, but I have a certain amount of respect. From the newer generation (meaning 30 and under), I appreciate cats mostly like The Game, Young Jeezy, Pac Div, and some others. Now, Wayne once called himself “the greatest rapper alive since the greatest rapper retired.” Well, now that Jay-Z is back, where does that place him? Last time I checked, the greats in Hip-Hop took the crown from the previous King. From the start of Hip-Hop, the torch is taken! So, Jay still has the crown and 50 is stompin’ holes in cats (even though his last CD was closer to a Ja Rule record). Then here is Weezy, and he loves Jay so much, he doesn’t go for that coveted crown. Wants no “beef” with 50 at all. I feel if he's ever going to be mentioned as one of the greats (Hey, we’re talking from Kane to Kool G Rap to Biggie to ‘Pac to Pun and Andre 3000), he needs to "let his nuts hang" as they used to say in Houston and go harder. I’m not a super fan and I don’t hate him. I appreciate Hip-Hop and I would be nice to see the guard change or at least a fight for it. The Carter III is a cool CD, but it’s not a punch in the mouth. Maybe it’s a well placed body shot that takes full affect in a bit.PHARRELL PUSHES BOB’S BIG BOY OFF STAGEI assume that Pharrell would’ve done a “Akon” if he could have, but this big fellow is out of his bench press range.”HERE IS AKON’S MANLY THROWLIL RUMOR OF WAYNE…Speaking of Lil Wayne: I heard he was in his hotel room getting a tattoo right before going on stage at Summer Jam. I’m not sure, but I think somebody said there was one on the right side of his forehead. It was like a sentence or something – just regular words. Anyway, in the hotel, I heard people were getting NICE. You know what I mean by nice so I wont get into anymore details of the cocktail. Anyway, the niceness was in conjunction with the tattoo and in conjuction with the weird “sexual chocolate” show.SIGNS THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN ENDThe Honorable James David Manning says this dance TD Jakes does will make all of the women give up their rent money. HUH? (Thanks, Quiet Storm)

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