Hip-Hop Rumors: Picture Of Tahiry & Her "Man" Play! Brit Awards Rumors!


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


I don't know exactly what happened before the video started rolling, but as it was rolling...it seemed like this young man thought he was going to beat up and old man. By the end of the tape, son was leaking all over asking for an ambulance. SMH...EPIC FAIL!

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Leave old war vets alone, kids...lmao!


Here is Play and Tahiry...a first look at a new budding couple, it would seem. Maybe Play will produce a beat for Joe Budden? Play and partner Skillz have hits galore! Anyway, they seem pretty happy. This was taken at All Star in Dallas. Both Play and Skillz are from Dallas.


There was a time when I had several UK sources, but they all but dried up...until today! My homey Wesey hit me up with some rumors and sightings from the Brit Awards. Check it out:

Whats good Illseed, so I was at the 30th Year of the BRIT Awards in London, England last night. I was in the pit at the front of the stage so I could see everything that has happening. So heres the news/rumours that I managed to dig out.

Jay-Z won Best International Artist, during his acceptance speech he took time to mention memorable moments for him in the UK, 1 being Glastonbury where he said "you accepted Hip-Hop" at whats mainly a rock festival. So the next award for Best British Album of Past 30 Years went to Oasis (who if you remember had a problem with Jay-Z performing at Glastonbury), well Liam Gallagher obviously got a bit pissed off with Jay-Z's comment, he stormed on stage grabbed the mic and said something along the lines of "Fucking good music will never die" taking a shot at Jay-Z, he then threw his mic into the crowd, people boo'ed him and later Security/BRIT Awards Officials took his award off him. Liam then apparently stormed out the building shouting all types of shit as usual. (LMAO FAIL!)

Lady Gaga was up for 3 awards being Best International Female, Best International Album, and Best Newcomer, she won ALL 3 and cried on stage ALL 3 times. Her performance on the other hand was a bit of a shock for the fans, everyone heard rumours of Beyonce joining Gaga for 'Telephone' instead she played a very verrrrrrrrry slow and painful track on the piano which left the crowd confused. BUT she did living it up a little bit by playing an MPC and a Guitar joined together at almost the same time.

Dizzee Rascal did a duet with Florence and the Machine, great set and Dizzee made it rain dollar bills with his face on from the sky, was a nice touch and nearly started a fight with the crowd.

Jay-Z brought out Alicia Keys to do Empire State of Mind which was performed really well, Jay had a live band with all white instruments and the Blueprint 3 logo on the drumkit, Jay had a lot of energy on the stage and was good to see, Alicia looks sexy as hell as always but thats not really news.

As far as I can remember that is all from the BRIT Awards Hip-Hop related.


Some boxer got into a fight in Dallas All-Star and hospitalized a man. I wonder who it was?

LOL the Nicki Minaj is preggers rumors...lol....come on y'al!

Speaking of Play-N-Skillz, rumor has it Bow Wow may be trying to yank his old flame Angela Simmons from Skillz's clutches.

More later!


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