Hip-Hop Rumors: Pink Calls Beyonce Stupid?, Did Shawnna S**t On Luda?? Tiger's Wife Cheating?


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


MANNNN! There is a rumor running around the streets that Shawnna is definitely on the label that T-Pain made, whatever that is. But, on the real, so…Shawnna is off DTP officially now. Right? We knew that. But here is the crazy part. From what I have been told by multiple sources is that Luda and DTP didn’t even know about the signing until we told them. What I mean is, they found out about Shawnna going to T-Pain’s label from THE INTERNET. Now, some may say, “Who cares?” You have to remember how far back Shawnna and Luda go back! They GO BACKKKKKK! I’d think she could give him a courtesy call or something. From what I understand, DTP and T-Pain have ironed out all the paperwork now. But, now you know why Battle of the Sexes went from Luda and Shawnna to...a compilation album. Good luck Shawnie!


I think I know what Game was trying to say, but clearly it just didn’t come out right. Right? Peep his views on education:

After you learned how to read & do addition, what else did we need school for that we use in everyday life as an adult ? Cuz I swear I can’t remember half the shit in them History books, my writin still sloppy, & I aint seen a microscope since science clas ! I think school was a government’s plot to keep track of us & program our lives. Up at 7, out at 3pm five days a week. caught in the matrix.

Martin Luther King said: “The reason we in school 13 yrs is because, that’s how long it takes to DESTROY a child’s mind” . #nuffsaid. But kids, STAY IN SCHOOL. we all gotta do it…….

He said this in public on Twitter…


If you look right around the .33 mark, Pink is looking and acting a lot like Beyonce. I’m not 100%, but it sure looks convincing enough to me. 

Tell me what you think.

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 Pink has referred to how different she is from Beyonce in the past, but has never gone this far.


I am hearing that Lupe Fiasco wouldn't mind doing an entire album with Jay Electronic.

Cassie's not pregnant even though there were rumors to the contrary.

Tyson Beckford has retired from modeling and will opt to act.

A fan of Gary Coleman had to bail him out of jail. It was under $2k…damn, Gary!

Don’t mess with Christina Milian! She’s got a dog that will attack an 81-year-old man! Her neighbor charged that her dog tore him up to the point where he had to get 19 stitches. 

Conan O’Brien is still doing some biz with NBC. A new show pilot his company produced just got picked up by NBC. Business is biz…eh?

This is just wrong, man. Tiger's wife has been hanging at Brett Favre’s house! Messed up! Revenge sex is the illest! On the real, I heard Tig’s wiz has called off the divorce.


Mikey T is a White dude with the most hood rumors. I can honestly say I don't know half of the people he mentions in his rumors. I do know the people mentioned in his rumor though. On to his rumors....

Mikey T says Bang 'Em has a new song called "New Money," which will have a remix that features Rick Ross and Fredro Starr. Interesting mix.

He also says Bang 'Em Smurf was almost killed in jaild when some men tried to kill him in his sleep.

I heard from two people that G-Dep is still working with Diddy. I find that interesting.

Black Rob is supposed to get out of jail in April of this year. I guess that Twitter account is totally fake.

G Dep is currently working on Child of The Ghetto part 2. I hope Faith Evans is available.


He talks about his new album and how he takes a private jet to his house.


Oh man…let me tell you…the world is all messed up.

Gary Riley.

That is his name and he is not a nice dude. PETA, I need you to step up and do the right thing and write him a damn letter! Gary, 38, lives in Chino Valley, Arizona. Well, what does he do? He stole his next door neighbor’s 6-month old collie. The dude goes looking for his damn dog and guess what he finds? He finds Gary in the process of raping his dog. The neighbor continually punched Gary in the face until Gary stopped boning the poor dog. The police found Riley hiding under a bed in his own house. For those that need to know – like PETA – the dog put of a glorious fight. According to the report I saw, Gary was all scratched up from the collie’s claws.


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