Hip-Hop Rumors: Porsha and Kordell Stewart 'Weren't Really Attached'

AllHipHop Staff

Porsha Stewart says that she and Kordell didn't really act like a married couple.

Porsha Stewart from Real Housewives of Atlanta is revealing more and more details about the inner-workings of her marriage that ultimately lead to its failure, and so has Korell.
When we first met the couple it seemed like Porsha was happy being the doting housewife that Kordell wanted but now that they are going through a divorce, Porsha says it wasn't all roses.

She has been insinuating things about Kordel's sexuality and even mentioned that while she had nice things provided by Kordell, she usually didn't even have money in her purse because he was so controlling. There's more. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Porsha claims that they didn't really act much like a couple at times.

"Our first year — though we were married for two, it seemed like it was 15, because as a new couple, we went through a lot. I had a miscarriage and major surgery because of fibroids. Through it all, I started to see who Kordell was as a person," she said. "We just weren’t really attached to each other emotionally the way we needed to be. That was a sign for me that this isn’t going to be the marriage I pictured."

That entire interview was in response to a radio rant from Kordell where he accused Porsha of being a negligent stepmother who stayed out all night.

“I didn’t hear the interview, and I really don’t care to comment on anything Kordell has to say. He’s saying it for a reason and wants everybody to think of me in one way,” she said. “At the end of the day, Kordell knew who I was to him and what I did and how I felt about his son. I don’t have to justify that at all.” “If I got married again, I would be the exact wife and mother, because I put 100 percent into my relationship.”