Hip-Hop Rumors: Q-Tip + Common + Nas = The "New" Standard?!

Just picture Q-Tip in the picture above where Mos Def is standing, and you'll begin to get an idea of something that could be truly historic and monumental. That is, if it ever comes to fruition.

Back in '07, Common and Q-Tip were making the rounds and talking about creating a new duo, The Standard...five years later, and now we're the ones talking about it, because, according to The Daily News, Nasir could very well be joining the duo and forming a trio!

"While reps for the three rappers declined to comment, we recently ran into the “Illmatic” legend — who’s also finishing a solo album — and ask if he would be working with the duo. “Definitely,” Nas told us."

Now, despite Common and Q-Tip's remarks back in '07, no music from the "group" has ever been released. And who knows if it has ever even been recorded!

Here's just a few tracks that at least two of the three artists mentioned above have worked on together: