Hip-Hop Rumors: Quickies Edition With T.I., DJ Premier, Rihanna, DMX, Timbaland & More!

T.I. Says New Album "Trouble Man" Is Almost Done!

In a recent interview with MTV, Tip revealed the following about his upcoming eighth album: "We plan on getting back in and coming up with a few more, so you never know what could become of that. We got one with Akon, did a few records with Rico Love. Man, I got records with just about everybody. We just putting it together, we done did about 70 records. So now we’re in the narrowing-down process. So we’ll narrow them down, we’ll do probably about 15 more. We got a lot of hot, old-school, vintage T.I. records on there. I’m talking like gutter, gangsta, intellectual ignorance, hard-core stadium sh–, but at the same time we got those over-the-top crossover records as well, big features and whatnot that we plan on putting into play.”

Until then, we have F*ck Da City Up! 

Premo's Top 5 LP's of 2011:

Reks - R.E.K.S., M.O.P. and Snowgoons - Sparta, Evidence - Cats & Dogs, 9th Wonder - The Wonder Years, and Premo's #1 LP of 2011 is.....

Certainly an interesting choice, and for those that disagree, DJ Premier has some words for you: "For all of you dumbfucks that are late or not hip to my yearly list, this is my own list of what I was bumpin’ for my enjoyment in 2011… Even though there were so fuckin’ many LPs that came out, I wish we had time to do Top 40 but fuck that… So if you don’t like my list, make your own… I ain’t mad atcha… Hate it or love it, I don’t give a fuuuuuck !!!"

Check out the full list of his 25 Top LP's of 2011 here.

Rozay and Timbo Are Cooking Something Up:


God Forgives, I Don't coming soon!

MGK and DMX Debut New Song, "I Don't Dance":

Courtesy of Skee.TV


-Rihanna has topped both The Black Eyed Peas and Eminem to become the highest selling digital artist of all time with 47.5 million songs sold since 2005! DAMN!

-Apollo Brown and DITC's OC are linking up for a 16-track album, Trophies, that is set for release at the end of March!

-Rapper Pill let the fans know recently that he is still working on that collaboration project with Big Boi AND Killer Mike. So stay tuned!