Hip-Hop Rumors: Ray-J Tells On Faith! Young Buck Outta G-Unit! Nas Talks Politics!


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Hip-Hop Rumors: Two Weddings For Jay-Z & Beyonce - Next Up - FRANCE?



Before we get down to business. I heard that 50 Cent’s baby moms got booted out of the house, because she had a man and dude was in the house that 50 bought. This brings new perspective to the situation. She can’t have a dude up in the house chilling! That spot cost like over $2 million! LMAO! I know she helped him when she got shot, but still…that was a hot minute ago and all is fair in love. Anyway, then 50 Cent jumped on the phone with Miss Jones and Envy…listen. If you can’t hear the audio, read the news story here!

50 is a riot! Shout out to Joe Bruno, the big homey.At least, Buck - like The Game - is still a dope a** artist! Listen to his new joint, "Hip-Hop Can't Save Me."


Ray-J snitching on Faith some 10 years after the fact.(rhapsody):

“We walked in one day and Faith was sitting on Pac’s lap while Pac was writing a verse. It was like, "What the f*ck is going on?" That was one of the craziest sights, dog. Faith was in Pac’s lap. I was like, "What the f*ck? I know I’m not? Is that? It can’t?" Three weeks later, “Hit ‘Em Up” came out.”


This is nasty. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, there is some nastiness going on down in Australia:


A South Australia woman just had another baby by another man. The only thing is that other man is her daddy. This new baby that was just born died shortly after being born, a defect from congenital heart disease. It gets worse. Well, we go on and find out that Jennifer Anne Deaves is a 39 year old that has been having sex with John Earnest Deaves, her 61-year-old FATHER. This baby that died was the second kid the two had together. The other incest baby is now seven. They both pleaded guilty in a South Australian court on March 20 to two counts of performing an act of incest. This is their relationship in a nutshell – no pun intended. When Jennifer was very young, he went to jail for armed robbery for many years and his ex-wife wouldn’t let her see her dad. So 30 years later, they decide to catch up where they left off and start having sex (I guess). Just crazy. Just crazy.

I don't have any more rumors for the day....soooooooo...


Jay Z and Beyonce will Confirm Wedding in Houston! (Glad I'll Be There)

According to sources Jay Z and Beyonce are set to confirm their union as husband and wife during the “Heart of the Cit”y Tour in Houston (Beyonce's hometown) on Thurs night. Seeing as I currently reside there for the time being I'll be there in full effect to try and see if it actually happens! If I'm lucky I can snag some audio for an AHH exclusive so keep your fingers crossed and your ears open!

Enough of that moving right along...... Nas Spits some Knowledge on Politics

In a recent statement he made with MTV Nas gave his insight on the current election and the status of his new album peep this:

“This election year, I’m still not really sure where I sit with politicians,” Nas said. “I’m not really trustin’ [them] still. But I think this election is the best thing we could ask for right now, coming out of [George W.] Bush. I’d love to see Barack Obama become the president. He’s the face of America, hands down. There’s no two ways to look at it, man. The man’s got what it takes. He’s serious. As a kid, you always think, ‘We’ll never see a black president,’ you know? ‘There’ll never be a black president.’ And you always feel that way. Everybody’s always grew up that way, black and white. So I think now, with Obama having a great chance of winning, I think [with] black and white, there’s been something lifted off their shoulders. It’s like, ‘This can happen. This can be great.’ And it’s about time.” …

Nas never ceases to amaze me, now if only we could get him to open up about this whole divorce from Kelis fiasco and he may be my favorite rapper of all time! Just Kidding ;-)

Speaking of albums listen to the Games new track 'Our Turn' feat. Black Wallstreet and Omar Cruz. I hear it's supposed to be a diss track towards G Unit but y'all be the judge!

Jim Jones has more to say..... On Jay Z...

In a recent issue of Complex Jim Jones laid out in detail why he doesn't care for the Jigga man peep this:

“You know why I’m pissed off at him [Jay-Z]? He was my favorite rapper and then he just went out like a dud. He had a chance to do the unthinkable and then he did the unthinkable. Where I’m from, loyalty is everything, above and beyond everything. When you violate that, it f**s everything up. Especially when you were the hustler’s poster child and you chose to become a corporate stepchild. That don’t make sense when you’re all black-owned. I took an executive position because I didn’t know the game, I took it to learn both sides of the game; there’s a difference.”

Now most of the time I agree with a good beef no matter right or wrong thats just the kid, But this go round Jim really sounds silly.

Lady Drama's Food For Thought

Rihanna + Pharell= Dope Ass Tracks for Rihanna Next Album

Why is it that every guest photo'd at the Beyonce Jay-Z wed fiasco looks suspect! It's a Celebration b***hes…Perk Up!

Can anyone really trust Ray J as a credible source of information with the whole Faith Evans Biggie Tupac love triangle? Last time I checked he was right above the z-listers in the industry circle!

While we're on the subject of Ray J him and Lil Kim have a new song out called 'I Like to Trick' (No really that the name of the song)

Am I the only one wondering what Remy will wear for her wedding? There are so many choices... an orange jumpsuit, a blue jumpsuit, or white?

Oh yea............. Shout out to my fam Al Boogie rockin on the Bass in the 'Diamond Girl 'video! I see you ;-)

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