Hip-Hop Rumors: Raz B & His Enemy? Mike Vick's Doghouse! Kanye Beats Beyonce!


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First, there was the wacky year called 2007, my round up of stupid stuff.

And then there was Hip-Hop Rumors: Raz B's Video, Roy Jones Fights Dogs?, Kim K Engaged To Reggie Bush?


YO! YO! YO! These B2K cats, Raz B and his bro Ricky Romance were all set to wage a holy war on Chris Stokes, right? According to them, this man allegedly molested Raz B, and all sorts of other things. There was a “reality show” in the works and this reality show was going to go all the way into the issues of molestation and pedophilia and a comeback with all the guys. Oh wait, there is also the issue of the threats. Raz B told me himself that he didn’t fear for his safety and only Jesus was his rock. I’m confused now!

This all leads me to say that De'Mario “Raz B” Thornton and Ricky “The Rickster” Romance were chilling with Chris Stokes at Mr. Chow in Los Angeles. Now, if you know anything about Mr. Chow’s, you know that that is spot you go to when you want to be scene. In these guys case, you have to place a phone call to tmz (who have video) or some other paparazzi to get them to get out of the house. In the video, Raz b says, "We love each other, man!" This is wackkk (with a triple K)!

“The whole world wants to see this, man”

Click here for the video. They should have bought each other a rose from “The Rose Man.”


You want a real bad deal on a house? Buy Mike Vick’s former dog house. The ex-Vick house is on the market for $1.1 million. Here is why its not really a great deal and I think we’ll see the prices drop. First, I heard that Vick unloaded the crib for about $300k right after he found that he was in trouble with the Laws. This is Virginia you are talking about, not New York or California. I say that to say that the prices are much lower for property. Anyway, the guy that copped the land is now trying to flip the house for a profit. From what I understand, there aren’t any takers. I also heard that they have yet to clean the back area where all the dogfights occurred. So, you could buy it and get all the ambiance of a dog fight if you want, but I don’t see that happening.


Whoa! Is there an Aunt Vivica Fox sex tape? I got images from a rumored sex tape of Vivica Fox. Now, I will say that I don’t think Viv would do that, but the image I have certainly looks like her a bit. I need to see more to really get it. Anyway, it is supposedly her giving somebody “a professional,” to use a Wendy Williams term. See below and tell me what you think.


I am not sure who John Legend is dating, but its not Wynter Gordan. Peep the statement from her manager.

I just saw the rumors section of AllHipHop.com and it mentioned that Wynter might be dating John Legend. I just want to clarify that they are not dating but instead they just met over the weekend at the Consequence video shoot. The both have roles in the video and maintained a professional atmosphere the entire time. John Legend's girlfriend was on set the entire time. I just want to clear that up because it's really early in Wynter's career and we really want to keep it about the music for her.

It is all ‘bout that music!


At the Nas New Year’s concert, I failed to add that The Game announced he’d be dropping a CD in 08 called LAX. This is supposed to be Game’s last CD before he retires.

Lil Wayne’s The Leak EP quietly sold 2,401 copies in its first week with no promotion. It was released on Dec. 25. Is this a test for how well his CD will sell?

Tiny and T.I. are having a boy? Did I know they were even pregnant? I can’t even remember!



I’m feeling like I am ready to do this for the 0 to the 8 season! Here is the game that Kanye beat Beyonce in for those of you asking me!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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