Hip-Hop Rumors: Rick Ross & Kool G Rap? Drake's First Rap Song!


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THE DAILY TWO SENSEIf you see something, say something! Email me you rumors and sightings!allhiphoprumors@gmail.com.KOOL G RAP AND RICK ROSS?

I got an interesting one here. I am hearing that Rick Ross has gotten Kool G Rap for his new album, Teflon Don. I’m telling you, Rick’s not playing. I know some people may say he’s Officer Ricky, but Kool G Rap is Official beyond belief! I heard G Rap killed it too so stay tuned for that one. The irony of all of this is that years ago, there were HEAVY rumors that 50 Cent was going over to G-Unit. He never did sign, but he and 50 Cent did a Queens song with a bunch of other vets. What I heard was that G Rap had other offers on the table but though G-Unit was going to happen and they didn’t! Then the other deals fizzled.

In related rumors, Kool G Rap is going to be retiring, I am hearing. But, before he does, he’s going to record one last masterful album called Offer You Can’t Refuse.


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“You a playa hata!”


Now, this is a silly one. I am getting word (you may have already heard this) that Kanye West is not permitted to be a part of the Haiti benefit. Why? You already know. They want to make sure than everybody sticks to the script and Kanye has been known to break protocol. Everybody remembers the Katrina moment of truth and now the Taylor Swift stuff is lingering. Oh well…their loss. Dude gives us all things to talk about for years.

The telethon is today. And all Kanye’s friends are in it. How cruel.

FYI: MTV has denied this. 


I think Jay-Z literally rolled on Nick Cannon when he was serious about riding with him.

These people are not your friends, Nick! Nick is a good sport.


DAMN! This is just sad! Facebook and Twitter are EVIL!!!! Peep this from the New York Daily News:

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Detectives have left the St. George apartment of a man who, sources say, hanged himself moments after stating his intention to do so on his public Facebook.com profile.

“When I take my meds I’m manic when I don’t I’m severely depressed like I am now,” the note said. “ I can’t go on anymore. I just hung myself.”

Friends began posting panicked messages on Rodriguez's Facebook page and one alerted emergency officials.

“What the [expletive],” one friend wrote. “I don’t like this!! I’m calling you now.”

“Answer your cell phone now,” another pleaded.

Man, that’s sad. Pathetic even.


That Shyne beef Royce had was nothing but a bad prank by some clown. Even Royce said that later on after my posting.

Matt Kemp, the man that may forever be known as “that dude after Chris,” has denied allegations that he beat up his ex.

The dude from Pretty Ricky is easing back on those allegations that he impregnated Tisha Campbell’s sister. Now, he’s admitting to tapping it, but saying he’s pretty sure its not his.

Wow, Atlanta. THE A has been voted the gayest city in America by gay magazine The Advocate. I wonder if the gay rapper lives there too?

Man, poor Amy Winehouse. There are rumors that her ex-spouse (but re-marrying) Blake Fielder-Civil has linked up with Mia McHugh, a transsexual Winehouse impersonator.

Cher is about to lose her house to foreclosure.

Mariah Carey is said to be leaving Def Jam to go back to her old home of Sony. Not enough labels.

They are saying that LaToya Jackson may replace Simon on “American Idol.” NO…don’t do that.

Jay-Z and Beyonce to raise their kids in Orlando? That just doesn’t even sound right.


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