Hip-Hop Rumors: Rick Ross Wants to Renegotiate His Deal With Def Jam?

Rick Ross was on New York City's HOT 97 last night along with his MMG conglomerates Meek Mill, Wale, and Stalley to clear up a few rumors floating around. There has been recent rumbling of Rozay wanting to leave Def Jam for Cash Money. Although Rozay said everything was "one-hundred" with Def Jam, he left himself some wiggle room by adding that Def Jam needs to take another look at his deal....aka we need to renegotiate......aka they need to give me more money! Def Jam had better be ready to write a huge check.

Rick Ross and Pill from MMG

Ross also discussed the recent departure of ex-MMG artist Pill. Apparently, Pill was never really a part of MMG to begin with, and Warner Music Group was actually the ones who brought Pill into the mix.

"When I sat down to do my deal, they had Pill as an artist already there," explains Ross. "They just thought he may have needed a little work or whatever and we could've got that in with the team. So we worked out a one year situation."

It looks like Pill's year was up, and Ross wasn't impressed with his progress so he sent him packing.