rumors are sponsored by Stack Bundles ? RIP! Are we really going to do this song and death dance every few months/weeks? STOP THE VIOLENCE!


And now onto some irony..Uncle Murder talks about NOT getting beat up.

You might remember last week, new Roc-A-Fella signee Uncle Murder was

rumored to be duffed out at a party for T-Pain. Well, he?s not into the

internet, but decided to use some technology to get the word out that

he didn?t actually get beat up or down. I don?t want to sound selfish,

but I would rather NOT wake up to see another rapper that I really like

DEAD. It may be selfish, but I would rather he be alive and I can enjoy

the music. They can continue to grow and mature as humans. I hope Uncle

Murder chills out a bit and I send my condolences to Stacks family and

loved ones.

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No, he wasn?t but there was a serious rumor that he did get "knocked?" while touring over there in Budapest on June 9. Well, Nas

didn?t make it to that show, leaving fans waiting for about two hours

or more! Well, I heard that there were several things that didn't get

handled properly on the promoter side, including the money. This is the

rumor. And, when that cake wasn?t right, Nas wasn?t right. I heard

there were a number of deficiencies with the venue as well. I heard Nas

was ready to go, but those that set the show up weren?t.


I want to send a super shoutout to my girl La-La (not the one from MTV

married to that basketball dude.) This is my La-La from around the way!

My La-La isn't married, but she did just turn 23 today! Congrats, LA-LA!


From what I heard T-Pain has been mad at me on a couple of occasions for

a couple rumors, but I harbor no ill will. So here I offer a peace

rumor. On June 10, T-Pain came back to his native Tallahassee for a

free concert. Now, he did even more than perform himself. The space-age

singer got Yung Joc, Kanye West, Twista, E-40, Mike Jones, Trick Daddy,

Plies, Bow Wow, Bobby Valentino, Sammy, Huey, and even Ashy Larry for

this event. FREE! Shout out to T-Pain ? you?re the big homey right now.


Remember Syleena Johnson? She was a nice-looking singer for the

older folks. Anyway, I heard that she had a nice baby shower over the

weekend. I heard she got all sorts of goodies for the baby. She?s

supposedly due in August and is all ready for the bundle of joy. I

heard she?s supposed to get married to her fianc?e, but they pushed it

back for a while.


This is a rollercoaster that will not stop. I heard from some

sources that Kim and Eminem might be back together in some form or

fashion. I heard that this will never result in them getting

re-married, but they have been seen with each other around Michigan.

Maybe that Canadian stalker kid brought them back together? I don?t

know! As you already know, Eminem is supposedly working on a new album

to comeback to prominence and dominence.


Unlike bossman, I'm tired from partying and flying all this weekend. So this is Freezy with his half-assed rumors! Lil Wayne vs Fat Joe Beefing!!! LMAO! Come on people, was I the only one at Summer Jam? So the word on the internet is Lil Weezy and Fat Joe are beefing over 50. Allegedly Weezy ask 50 Cent to bless a track for Tha Carter III. Fat Joe got word and now is salty that Weezy has "teamed up" with the enemy. BUT for some strange reason Weezy came out with Fat Joe to freestyle/perform "Make It Rain" at Summer Jam and both Fat Joe and Weezy were caught goofing off backstage. Sounds like fresh veggies, not hot beef to me! Bonnie & Clyde At It Again! So the word from my homie Miami Greg, Jay & Bey (Beyonce & Jay-Z for the slow people...Illseed) are allegedly starting a new label venture with Apple iTunes. As you all have heard by now, Jay's contract with Def Jam will expire soon and him renewing his contract is becoming a big question over at Def Jam. In the contract, Jay has the rights to bring the entire group of artist he signed anywhere he goes so big hitters like Rihanna, Ne-yo, Rick Ross, Kanye, and Nas will follow Jay to this new label. (Illsesed note: I don?t believe you ? you need more people!) Also Beyonce will fill out her obligation with Sony by the end of 07 with just 2 more albums to go. Details are shaky but look for new contracts and new moves to happen around November-December. Beyonce and Rihanna on the same label...very interesting. Jackie-Noooo! So rumor has it Jackie-O is in Miami ripping down posters of Eve's new album and replacing them with her own....I only have two questions for this situation...Usually on a poster you're promoting an album, so what new album is she promoting? Also isn't it the street teams job to put up posters...not the artist? I love you Remy Ma but when 2/3 is worse off then you, you should just let the situation go..I'm not saying, but I'm just saying That's all I got..going back into my drunken slumber..back to those annoying quickies Freezy


I heard Prodigy and The Alchemist recently went to court for some legalities related to a firearm charge.

Muhammad Ali was recently bestowed with an honorary doctorate

from Princeton University. 65 and still kicking?or is that punching?




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