Hip-Hop Rumors: Rumors About Shyheim's Alleged Hit-N-Run!

Mannnnn…if you look at the internet, they are going IN on Shyheim! Shyeim has been around since he was "The Rugged Child" back in the 90's. But he's 36 now and in a world of s**t. And for good reason. If you didn't see the report, hit the link below.

There is more than enough reason to diss Shy if you are reading the basic news on the case. But, I am hearing there is more to the story. Basically, the streets are talking. Shyheim has had his street situations, but this one may have been an unfortunate one that resulted in the death of a 29 year old man, Felipe. And Felipe's people are PISSED as they should due to the loss of a loved one.

"My family was friends with Felipe (the man this waste of life murdered.) Then this ni**a is too broke to afford his lawyer fees for a case he's definatly gonna lose. Theres no getting out of this one you piece of s**t, own up to what you did and do the time. You don't deserve a fair trial. Everyone should donate money for the family of the victim instead not to this piece of s**t."

But, I'm hearing Shyheim was running from somebody that was shooting bullets at him, trying to kill him. He was being per sued crazily and then ran the stop sign that ended up causing the death of Felipe. Now, it has not been revealed in the news, but I am told that their may be forensics to support this (meaning bullet holes in the car that Shyheim was driving). This is the rumor as to why Shy ran from the scene of the crime - he was running from his life, I'm hearing. Obviously, the facts will be revealed later. I'm not sure if this rumor, should it be true, will help him at all in a legal sense of it all.

Shyheim's first song shows ain't nothing changed.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.



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