Hip-Hop Rumors: "Security! Get This Woman Off Jay Z!"


People are crazy. But before I get into it.

Did you see AHH's Jigsaw in the "Picasso Baby" video? A few days after the premier, I'm looking at it and I'm like that bastard didn't tell nobody!

Here's the image from his Instagram.

chuck Jigsaw Creekmur Jay Z picasso baby

Anyway, moving on. I saw this scene in the video, but I didn't realize what has happening behind the scenes. Between the Daily News and the Daily Mail, this is what they are saying about it... including...WAS IT REAL?

It was something of a mammoth task - a live performance to promote his new album taking place over a seven-hour period.

But Jay Z ran into more trouble than just tiredness as he filmed the performance art piece for Picasso Baby, after Girls' actress Jemima Kirke got slightly over-excited.

The 28-year-old British actress apparently had to be removed by security after attaching herself to Jay Z and refusing to let go while he rapped to the crowd.

A source told the New York Daily News: 'She was acting totally nuts! She kept jumping on his back like a little monkey. 'Someone was screaming "Get her off of him!" 'Things had started relatively smoothly with Jemima calmly sitting on the bench in the middle of the room as she took her turn being the subject of Jay Z's rap during the performance at the Pace Gallery in New York.

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But as the event progressed, the excitement got too much for Jemima, who plays Jessa Johansson in the hit HBO show, and she threw herself at Jay Z.

The video shows the blonde actress, who was wearing pink trousers and a black top, smiling broadly as she kept a tight grip on the musician.

However, Jay Z didn't let the unwanted attention from Jemima distract from his performance, continuing to rap to the eager crowd.

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The source added: 'He kept rapping the whole time!'
But even as Jemima was removed by Jay Z's security team, she was seen kicking as she was carried out, and pleading with the team: 'Let us finish!
While it looked realistic enough, no doubt Jemima was probably part of the elaborate act.

The incident at Jay Z's event which was screened on channel HBO in the US last week isn't the first time Jemima has found herself losing control during a performance art session.

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Back in 2010, Jemima was photographed sobbing after watching artist Ambromovic's The Artist Is Present piece, which involved her sitting still for more than 700 hours.

"They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!" -illseed.

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