Hip-Hop Rumors: Shawty Lo Sick? Eminem Tries For Peace! Don Cannon Battles Green Lantern!


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YESTERDAY’S RUMORS!Hip-Hop Rumors: Shawty Lo Sick? Eminem Tries For Peace! Don Cannon Battles Green Lantern!

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I touched on the beef with Ca$his and Royce Da 5’ 9” like a week ago or something. It, like most beefs, seemed so silly that I just said something so people didn’t think I missed it or something. Well, I heard that Eminem and myself agree. My girl Sugar Ray & Mark The Spark from Hot 102.7 FM in Detroit. They told me that Eminem called Royce and apologized on behalf of Cashis stating that his young protégée was out of line. Apparently, there were some off-color comments made about Eminem, but there was no malice behind it. In face, I heard that those sorts of comments are normal with regard to Eminem. Anyway, I heard that Royce declined the apology on Em’s behalf saying it was basically meaningless since it wasn’t actually Cashis doing the talking. Now, we have a beef situation. Cashis faces a situation where he can’t even come to Eminem’s home of Detroit, because people are riding with Royce. Where is Awesome Dre and the Hardcore Committee when you need him? Come back, Dre and bring the Committee!On the positive side of Detroit:Detroit

hip hop celebrated the release of its newest fusion project with Black

Milk and Fat Ray. The album, The Setup is available now in AllHipHop's Estore. I love Detroit, because the city continues to innovate with fusion albums like CalTroit and

Random Axe with Guilty Simpson and Sean Price. The release party

featured performances from Phat Kat, Elzhi of Slum Village and Fat Ray

and Black Milk. Surprise guest, Royce Da 59 rocked the crowd with Elzhi

on a new joint called "Glow." Guilty Simpson also blazed the mic, as he

prepares to drop his solo debut, Ode to the Ghetto on Stones Throw. Fat

Ray echoed the feeling of everybody in the room, 'We are just trying to

keep the spirit of J. Dilla and Big Proof alive." They don't know, but they are keeping the spirit of Hip-Hop alive.


Polow Da Don has confirmed with AllHipHop.com that he was the victim of an attempted robbery inside of his Atlanta recording studio last night (March 10). While Polow did not reveal the nature of the robbery, sources stated that an unknown group of unknown masked gunmen entered the recording studio and robbed those present of their money and jewelry. "They thought they came to rob me, but I have heart and I have God shawty," Polow Da Don told AllHipHop.com in a statement. Polow Da Don, who runs the Zone 4 imprint and production company, has created hits for artists like Ludacris, Fergie, The Pussycat Dolls, Snoop Dogg, Ciara, Young Buck and others. "You gone have to shoot me because until then, I dont believe you. I am a man…and nine times out of ten a n***a calling himself a ‘robba‘, a ‘thug’ or a ‘gangsta’ is a cover up for being too weak (weather it be physically, spiritually or mentally) to be a man.”

For the full story:



There is a nice lil’ rumor going around stating that T-Boz of TLC is about to drop a new album. That’s right. She is supposedly working on the long-awaited solo album. So, here we go. I heard that she got production by Polow Da Don and Dallas Austin so the beats should be on point and are from what I heard. I used to love TLC, all of them, so I hope this can be the comeback for T-Boz. I heard she is looking to get Pharrell on the album and belt out 30 or so song before weaning the album down.


The Durrty Boys on HOT 107.9 in Atlanta apparently mentioned that Shawty Lo missed his own album release party at Primetime over the weekend. He said that he was in the hospital sick for some reason. I don’t have any more information on that situation, but there have been persistent rumors about Shawty being sick. What exactly going on here? Anyway, read our glorious interview with Shawty Lo.


My homey Razzi hit me up and let me know something that I didn’t know yesterday. He told me that Juvenile may not have attended the funeral of his 4 year old daughter, but the rapper actually made it to the Hypnotized Tour in Augusta, GA. Here is the info:

The Hypnotized Tour is a 20 City Tour featuring Southern Hip-Hop’s best and brightest stars, performances by Plies, Rick Ross, Dream, Pleasure P, Lil’ Boosie, Money G and Snook other artists such as Yo Gotti and Juvenile will be joining the tour for special dates. Tickets are $35 and the location is 601 7th Street Augusta, GA

From what I was told, Juve even showed up at the afterparty to sashay with the people. Thanks to Razzi on this one. We all mourn differently, but this one makes no sense to me.


Here is the first: The Netherlands has developed new technology that will allow robots to fill your gas tank. What are all the gas station attendants going to do if this catches on? What will New Jersey do? Click here to see it.

From CNN:

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Jamiel Shaw was just three doors from his house on March 2. His father told the 17-year-old high school football star to be home before dark. That is exactly what he was trying to do when, just before dusk, gunshots rang out.

Gang members pulled up in a car and asked Shaw if he was in a gang. Shaw didn't have time to tell them "no." He was mowed down before he could answer, police say.

What sense does it make to kill somebody before he even can answer? Jamiel Shaw was a good kid that was nice in football. He was being recruited by Stanford University. Here is the end:

Police announced Tuesday that an arrest had been made in the shooting. Pedro Espinoza, a 19-year-old member of the Hispanic 18th Street Gang, was charged in the killing and could face the death penalty if convicted, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office said. Espinoza is scheduled to be arraigned March 25.


The Last Sign:

Mary Ann from "Gillian’s Island" was recently arrested for smoking that Mary Jane. Gilligan got the same rap a few years ago.

ILLSEED’S QUICKIESCheck out the new website for the Biggie Smalls movie! Riiiiiight HERE!

Apparently, Prodigy is finally in jail to serve a 3.5 year bid. He went out with a bang.From what I heard Joe Budden has no plans to write a reply song to Prodigy calling him the worst rapper.

Janet Jackson was admitted to the hospital with the flu. She had to cancel an SNL date.

New York gets a historic two-for-one. WHEN Eliot Spitzer resigns (I am sure he will) Lt. Governor David A. Paterson will become New York's first African American governor and also the first who is legally blind.

More than 600,000 Iraqi documents were reviewed and they provide conclusive evidence that Saddam Hussein's regime no terror links to Osama bin Laden or al Qaida.

Samuel L. Jackson is playing Nick Fury in the NEW Iron man! I had no idea!

The Game is not listed as an inmate by the LAPD…not the county at least. Hmmmm…RANDOM QUOTESFormer VP candidate and Hillary Clinton supporter Geraldine Ferraro:“If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this

position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country

is caught up in the concept." Rick Ross on who he is voting for and why [Read the full interview]:

"I think Barack understands the team. It’s a team and teamwork makes the

dream work. I make records the DJ’s play it. Bush you calling the

shots, the soldiers are putting the work and Halliburton getting all

the money. You ain’t breaking the bread. That’s the problem with Bush."Comic Kym Whitley on rappers she likes and why [Read the full interview]: "When I see Jay-Z, I get warm and fuzzy.

[laughs] Nas, I think he is extremely intelligent and sexy. Oh, and Baby and

Lil’ Wayne, those are my boys."


THE NEW ROOTS VID W/ DICE RAW AND PEEDI CRACK! (FIYAAAAH!) I think we are staring at a comeback of sorts! Click here to see their new single for "Birthday Girl" on the pop tip. You gotta do what you gotta!


The homey $port gave me the full run down on the Sha Money, One Stop Shop! I even heard that Don Cannon defeated DJ Green Lantern in a impromptu beat battle! Here is the run down by $port!

What's going on, Illseed? I'm $port from Toledo, Ohio. I made my way down to Phoenix this past weekend for the 2008 OSS, and to put it simply: it was amazing. The whole thing was just nonstop moving and networking. The panels were all really informative. We got the chance to learn about everything from publishing rights, to how we should all learn to become our own brands. Nothing was fake about it. Each panelist always managed to give real talk, even at the expense of censorship lol.

For it to be over 500 up and coming producers, and the great majority of us being dudes, there was absolutely no hating or egos whatsoever. Everyone was so cool, quick to offer smiles and pounds, along with any promotional materials they had. We came from all over the world, some us as far as Portugal and Australia. I was extra impressed with the music, too. Damn near everyone was on their A game. Each battle (except for one..and if you went, you know what I'm talking about!!) showed some SERIOUS talent from everyone. I was itching to get out there and show what I had in store, but I guess it wasn't my turn. That was a beautiful thing to see and it also served testament to just how deep hip-hop runs through so many of us. I had the chance to connect with some extremely cool brothers and sisters of whom I strongly believe will be real friends, even after all that was said and done.

Now obviously the best part was the fact that the place was crawling with our favorite producers. I got a chance to build with people like Denaun Porter, Punch (a very humble and knowledgeable dude), Apex, 9th Wonder, DJ Toomp (who is easily one of the coolest people you could ever meet), No I.D. (he even signed my copy of Common's 'One Day It'll All Make Sense!!!), Don Cannon, Lenny S., Jigsaw and Grouchy Greg (who are both some great dudes with a real love for hip-hop. Me and Jigsaw got to talk for a minute and it's crazy to know that we share some of the same views on what's going on around us.) Sha Money himself (it was great how even though he was running the show, he always managed to find time for a word of advice or a flick or two), and so many more. I gave away tons of beat tapes to all these people and some, so hopefully you'll be hearing from me soon!!

There were so many crazy moments. From Toomp shouting out hip-hop trivia randomly and ruining the Wire's finale for everybody as we waited for the last panel to start to Green Lantern's sick West Coast mix at Stoudemire's. Both Swizz Beatz (who still managed to show up, even if it was late) and DJ Toomp were honored for all their work. Everybody managed to become fans of each other, if only for a second. But the greatest moment for me personally was meeting the one and only DJ Premier. He, along with Dilla, has always had a huge impact on my career so to be able to meet him in the flesh was unbelieveable.

I know I left out a ton, but it was too much to even try and remember. This year's One Stop Shop was a great look for anyone who was trying to get their foot in the door. I'm thankful to have been able to go. I now have a shoebox full of business cards and my BlackBerry is choc full of numbers and email addresses. I enclosed some ill pics to let everybody know that I was really in effect. I'll be back next year without a doubt!!!




Click here to see all the pictures that $port took.


The Grammy award winning songwriter/producer had his 3rd Annual Dallas Austin Foundation Gala in Atlanta last week. His foundation's focus is youth development through the art of music and film. Dallas speaks to the the the people about the foundation and the movement. Check out who came to support this worthy cause. See all the pics by going to the gallery!

Young Jeezy, "Big Jon" Platt, Monica and Dallas Austin all take a shot together during the gala.




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