Hip-Hop Rumors: Slim Thug / Chamillionaire Beef? Eminem's Granny Drops Dime? Arrested For Being Too Dark?


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Hip-Hop Rumors: T-Pain Reality Show? Lil Wayne Part 3! loyd Mayweather and Chilli?

Hip-Hop Rumors: A Rap Pimp Wants Brit Spears! Remy Ma's Accuser Testifies!

Hip-Hop Rumors: Halle Berry Has Girl! Wayne Tears Up The UK! Kanye Wants To Slap Twista?


Chuck Phillips isn’t new to this.

I have a memory that is pretty good. If you recall, waaayyyy back in 2002, Chucky Phillips also wrote a story on Biggie personally giving Orlando Anderson the gun that would eventually kill Tupac. At that time, there was a similar uproar to this recent article. Like that 2002 story, this one was also published by the LA Times. Love the times, but I don’t love these types of stories.

The story included very embellished, fictional sounding verbage like:

“He [Biggie] didn't just want Shakur dead. He wanted the satisfaction of knowing the fatal bullet came from his gun.”

After this stuff came out, the family of B.I.G. produced very credible and since irrefutable evidence that Biggie was on the East Coast at the time of the shooting. Nobody has ever overturned that evidence to my knowledge. I don’t think the Times ever denounced their report either.

In 02, one of the most glaring things that came out of that was the fact/rumor that Suge Knight and Chuck Phillips were actually pretty good chums – associates at worst. Phillips wrote a number of stories on Suge, even when the Death Row CEO was in jail. Now these rumors are popping back up. Word on the street is that LA Times writer, Chuck and Knight are possibly acting in concert on this new round of chaos. Suge Knight and Chuck Phillips have allegedly been friends and business associates for many, many years. I know Jimmy Henchmen has said some things about Suge in the past, which was more like “he didn’t want any parts of me.” I don’t know what this all means, but it just seems to me that this is all meant to cause division and turmoil in our community. If this write can and has solved these cases, why can’t the police? Why is this report encouraged, but others that show a different outcome is dismissed?

Where is Barack Obama when you need him? He’ll get to the bottom of this.

Click here to read the original story from 2002.


Hopefully, I can avert a beef that I am hearing is on the horizon. I have been told this is “all facts.” Apparently, there is about to be a huge beef between two very established artist from Houston-Slim Thug and Chamillionaire. Now, I am not accusing anybody of anything. According to rumor, Slim Thug feels that Cham jacked a hook from one of his songs and intends to diss his H-Town counterpart over it. From what I understand, Thug may already have recorded a song for Chamillionaire that will be included on his next album, which is reportedly already finished. The song in question, I don’t know. I do know, from others, that Koopa is a stand-up dude so maybe this is just an unfortunate miscommunication.


Sheek Louch was on Hot 97 yesterday morning. The D-Block Guerilla played some tracks off his new album and then DJ Envy asked him about the beef with 50. Sheek said something to the affect of there is no beef with 50. It was just that 50 was talking reckless and they had to smack him up verbally. As long as he keeps his mouth shut, everything is cool. And if he talks s**t, well then they’d have to shut him up again. He doubled up that comment for emphasis.

Sheek also spoke on J Hood saying that he had nothing to do with the alleged robbery where they left the former D-Blocker naked. Sheek said that J Hood let people put the buzz in his ear about moving on and that’s when the robbery happened. Sheek shot down the notion that he would ever do a song with G-Unit. He said something like, “You can’t pay me enough to do it, if we did that, we would let out fan base down.”


Eminem's maternal grandma is allegedly the one that started the talk that Eminem’s weight got up to 200 pounds. The National Enquirer has reported that Eminem is now very happy and dating 26-year-old recording Marni Bright, a studio manager. They are saying that they want to live together, but Eminem isn’t feeling her dog, which is a mixture between a chow and a pitbull. Not sure what that means, but it doesn’t mean we get King Mathers any faster.


Nice Lupe video that features singer Nikki Jean.

OBAMA SPEECH: 'A More Perfect Union'

Barack Obama speaks in Philadelphia, PA at Constitution Center, on matters not just of race and recent remarks but of the fundamental path by which America can work together to pursue a better future. Click here to read the entire speech.


Click here to download his new mixtape and get other behind the scenes footage on this video!


Illseed Prediction: The Roots will have the Hip-Hop album of the year.

Why pay for a hug when you can get a Free Hug? Click here for a Free Hug.

I heard that three people were hospitalized after the Lil’ Wayne show at Stratford Rex in London. I heard that area is hood.

Jadakiss reportedly has a new song called “Letter To B.I.G” and he’s giving the Notorious one a rundown of all the things that have happened in the world since is passing.

Halle Berry named her baby girl Nahla Ariela Aubry.

Everybody talks about how early or late somebody is, but people are just talking about this old DMX diss of Mary J. Blige, but I had that up several months ago. Click here for the proof.

Anybody heard that Snoop dissed Ray-J on his new CD? I gotta see this one!

The R&B group Next has been going through some drama. One member Tweet has left, I heard because of beef with R.L. Tweet has been replaced.

If you have been under a rock and Shyne is supposedly getting out very soon.

I am hearing some things about a Static Major tribute album.

I just want to send an R.I.P. to RITA PUREZ. She was the cousin of a friend and she was tragically gunned down in gang violence in Guatemala.

Do not ask Rocko about "Umma Do Me," because he is going to lay you out verbally. Shout out to Nate Quick from K-104 Dallas/Charlotte/Atlanta!


Will Smith on rumors of him joining Scientology with Tom Cruise [NY Daily News]:

“You don’t have to be Jewish to be a friend of Steven Spielberg. You don’t have to be a Muslim to be a friend of Muhammad Ali. And you don’t have to be a Scientologist to be a friend of Tom Cruise. I am a Christian. I am a student of all religions. And I respect all people and all paths.”

Chilli addresses her former relationship with Usher and his mom (Sister 2 Sister magazine):

“There’s really nothing to clear about it. Jonnetta and I are friends. We’ve always been friends. Usher knows that. I know that he doesn’t have a problem with it; it doesn’t have anything to do with his life right now. We’ve been over for like four years–probably over four years. It’s been a long time.”

LL Cool J on men meeting their absent fathers:

"In black culture in general, in African-American culture, the least discussed thing amongst men is the fact that they really wish they had fathers. There's a lot of single black women who did the best that they could and that's a beautiful thing, but they don't know how necessary a father is in a kid's life and how much guys miss that deep down inside. That's why they gravitate towards gangs. That's why they gravitate toward older guys who may lead them in a negative direction, because they just want to be embraced by a man."


Shout out to Brock. This is the latest round of f***ery,

Native Centava Dozier, a 21 year-old native of Harris County, Texas was riding an American Airlines plane. She was in an empty row. She went to sleep. When she woke up, there was a substance in her hair. And she looked and saw a man masturbating on her in the seat next to her. She is now suing the airline, because she charges that American did nothing when she demanded that this overly-sexed psycho be moved back to his seat. She wants $200,000. Anyway, American did do what they were supposed to do upon landing – had the dude arrested. They don’t expect to pay anything based on their actions. This will probably sound sick, but I want to see what this chick looks like to drive a man that insane. He’s a sick puppy.


Lady Drama jumps into the fray and here is what she has to say!

Another Day another dollar…. Superhead may get her own Show!

Industry whispers are pouring in the Karrine “Superhead” Steffans may be getting her own reality show pretty soon. According to sources the show will be a cross between “The Bachelorette” and “Flavor of Love.” Do we really need another reason to degrade ourselves on yet another network. I’ll keep you all posted on dates if you even care!

Moving right along…..

Taking a break from our hum drum normal gossip tid bits…check this out. A guy in Johannesburg, South Africa was arrested for being too dark skinned peep this:

Johannesburg - An 18-year-old man, who was detained and almost deported to Mozambique, because he was considered "too dark" was awarded R90 000 in the Pretoria High Court, the Star newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The court heard that South African born Shaun Mhaule, who was 14 at the time (2004), was hysterical when police were about to load him onto a truck in Mpumalanga, "back to his homeland."

The newspaper reported that police insisted Mhaule was "too dark to be a South African" and locked him up for 30 hours with 24 other men.

He also told police that he did not know anyone in Mozambique. Police would also not take his identity document into consideration, the Star reported. Mhaule was later released into the custody of his mother and a journalist in Nelspruit. Judge Willie Seriti said it was clear that Mhaule's arrest and subsequent detention was unlawful and granted him R90 000 in damages. Supposedly the damages will be paid out by the Minister of Safety and Security, the newspaper said. Man what the hell is the world coming to?

[Illseed note: this looks like one of my “signs,” L.D.]

Snoop and Fat Joe fall short to Rick Ross in Record Sales

The numbers from last weeks record sales are in putting Rick Ross at the top moving an estimated 175K and Snoop's new album Ego Trippin' sold 110K , putting Fat Joe and his new album Elephant In The Room in last selling a very light 45K Units. At least Joe is an indie act! Man, the rap game just isn't the same anymore if Snoop or Fat Joe - both long-running heavyweights in the game - can't beat out Rick Ross – a relative new comer - Either they need to bow out gracefully. At least do a Kelly Rowland a re-release an already suckey album in hopes that it'll sell more the 2nd time.

(Illseed note: this girl is absolutely insane. I’m sorry Kelly, Joe and even Snoop.]

Throwback: Lisa Raye Tries to Rap

She ain't half bad Da Brat must have helped her with that!

Lady Drama's Food For Thought:

Why do struggling celebs such as Scott Storch and Gary Coleman use Ebay to sell ish? Don't they know we'll roast they ass from the moment the auction starts! Why you trippin? I did want to bid on that yacht, but I was too late!

Also is the Hot Boy's reunion genuine or just a pub stunt? After Druid Hill, you never know!

Is anyone else tired of celeb reality, I thought it would have ran its course by now!

Can someone please inform Diddy that his made up word “BitchAssness” is not hot enough to make shirts and sell them!

Lastly has anyone seen Remy Ma's explicit tape on the market where she's having fun ALL BY HERSELF!?! Forget Papoose! Remy said she's got this one on her own!

Backshot to All the Haters....just remember...

"The more you say, the less people remember."



LOL – I like this dude. What can be said. He lives a life, im never going to experience until the video gets to the yellow Lambo.

Freestyle 101: Del The Funky Homospapien


This is from the Smirnoff Signature Series.




This is what I leave you with, a bit of humor compliments of Bow Wow.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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