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Urkel Voice: Did I do that? Anyway, the fact is Slip-N-Slide isn't going anywhere! But I didn't know that lil ol' illseed would get an official exclusive statement about it from Ted Lucas, the man, the OG, the legend himself.

ALLHIPHOP.COM EXCLUSIVE: "Slip-N-Slide is not shutting down. The only person who can shut us down is God. Not one person in this industry has the power to shut us down. SNS has had a very successful year with the release of 3 major albums by Rick Ross, Plies and Trina. Slip N Slide Records continues to be the only independent label to have 3 major deals with 3 major distributors – Def Jam, EMI And Atlantic Records. In order to continue being strong and lean, we must cut off the fat so we can remain a muscle in this industry. If other labels want to sit and keep their extra staff around, just to fill numbers, then that is their problem. We believe that it’s not the quantity of the team, it’s the quality of the team.

SNS has various deals in the works including a lucrative Publishing deal and Merchandising deal. We are also gearing up for our upcoming holiday releases which include: Trina - "Greatest Hits;” Trick Daddy - "Greatest Hits" and SNS Compilation - "Greatest Hits" and various huge releases set for 2011 including Jagged Edge’s “The Remedy” set for release Feb. 14, 2011. We recently signed 2 Latin Artists from the Hip Hop Community as part of expanding the label as well as hot new comers Mike Bless and Swazy Baby. SNS has been around for 17 blessed years and we are only getting started so contrary to the rumors we are not going anywhere.” 

-Ted Lucas to AllHipHop.com

SLIP-N-SLIDE, WE LOVE YOU! They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!