Hip-Hop Rumors: Somebody Got "Housed," Suge Stopping "Snitches," Paul Wall Is NOT DEAD!



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I got one of the scariest rumors in a minute today. I heard

that Paul Wall was dead. Let me tell you. All I could think is, “This can’t be

happening.” Paul Wall is a good dude on the real. I am pleased to say that Mr.

Wall is alive and well. If you get this message, IT IS NOT TRUE:

i wanna send my

condolences to the family and friends of PAUL WALL of


/SWISHAHOUSE.....he was Killed in a shootout at a

nightclub...Two 18

year olds have been caught in the situation and are

held on 1million

dollars bail each....SOME MORE SENSELESS BULLS**T !!!

Another Part of Our

Hip Hop Community is LOST......R.I.P.....dj


Again, this is NOT TRUE. PAUL WALL IS ALIVE! So, you can kill his rumor now. The sad thing is I heard it was actually a friend of his that was killed. If so, RIP.



Rappers were once super heroes and now they are just humans…

Case in point, there is a certain rapper that always seems to get beat up.

Well, this East Coast rapper has again gotten beat up. You know I can’t say the

name or affiliation, but this dude apparently has had some serious issues in

the NY/NY area. About two weeks ago, somebody shot at him (I’m not talking

about Max B, I might add) and like yesterday, some gang members felt some kind

of way. He’s alive and is certain to be thugging it in the street again…but add

one more beatdown to the resume.



I don’t know if you saw, but I got really amped up and wrote

an editorial in response to the recent apology for slavery. I’d like you to

read it. You don’t have to agree, but just read it. The government says its

time for honest discourse about this matter so lets talk about it and lets talk

about what a real, sincere apology consists of.

Click here for Slavery:

Apology Not Accepted.

Honestly, I wrote that instead of rumors, because I thought

it was more important to get that off my chest.



This is a rumor from the LATIMES, Suge. I just wanted to get

that out of the way in case Suge is reading. The Times says a state prison

inmate who accused a Los Angeles

police officer in the murder of Biggie Smalls testified Thursday. He says that

he that he “recanted” the claims because he was threatened from notes given to

him from former Times writer Chuck Phillips. Now, we all know the rumored link

between Phillips and Knight. Somebody told me recently that Philips was totally

on the payroll and used Chucky boy to get the word out, countering any notions

that Suge had anything to do with anything violent. Hence, the report that

Biggie had Pac killed. And the more recent one that Diddy knew about the first

Tupac shooting. That whole story turned out to be a fabrication! Here is the initial report:


"Suave" Anderson, a former R&B singer, said reporter Chuck Philips passed him several written messages wrapped in plastic at Corcoran State Prison on behalf of rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight. He said the threats led him to give false testimony at a deposition last year in a civil lawsuit brought by the family of the slain

rapper, whose real name was Christopher Wallace.

Anderson is a convicted murderer whose credibility

has been questioned by prosecutors. The 43-year-old inmate made the claim over the last two days in a hearing examining evidence that he contends shows he is innocent of a 1993 murder. He is serving a life sentence without the

possibility of parole.

Philips has totally

denied the allegation.

"That never

happened," said Philips, who has written several stories about Anderson's murder conviction suggesting that Anderson may be innocent. "I'm flabbergasted by this whole thing. This is the ultimate


That’s not his homey so I don’t see how it is such a

betrayal. It is what it is…



A part time evangelist has been charged with murder. He was

denied bond.

Whoopty do, right?

Anyway, what he did is what’s the crazy part. Dude kept his

wife in a freezer for at least three years. This is a mother of eight. Let me

get this right. Arletha Hopkins, a 36 year old, was allegedly killed in 2004,

but didn’t show up for police until this year, where she was frozen. The true

cause of death is under investigation. The cops think she was killed after she

made a startling discovery. Anthony Hopkins, a 37-year-old father of six young

children with Arletha, has been charged with rape, sodomy, sexual abuse and

incest. He reportedly screwed one of his own relatives and knocked her up. She

preggers now.

Arletha allegedly discovered the sexual abuse and was


Their kids range from 3 to 19.

A part time evangelist – go figure.SOME ILL PICS!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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