Hip-Hop Rumors: Soulja Boy Disses Ice-T AGAIN!?


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Let me get on my pedestal.

I was giving Soulja Boy the benefit if the doubt, but now he

has gone extremely low brow. The vid might be funny to somebody, but to me it

seems like somebody has too much time on their hands. The thing is, Soulja Boy

basically has people on his side, but if he keeps doing stupid stuff, the tide

is going to move the opposite way. Smarten up.

As for Ice-T, he’s admitted that parts of what he said were

wrong and the other parts of what he said are his opinion. Some times, less is

more and when you are on top, just stop. Sort of like Nas and “Ether.” Nas did

his one ill move and left it at that and we never forget that one move. Rap

beefs are now comedy sketches? EH.

I suppose its all in the spirit of destroying somebody.

Nobody does it better than 50 Cent and he’s the “leader of the new school now”

so I guess its only right that Soulji take his cues from somebody. This is the Z-List of rap "beef" and not even comparable to Ja vs 50.

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