Hip-Hop Rumors: Soulja Boy Going Broke? Kanye West's New Clothing Line? Michael Jackson's Unhappy In Heaven?!

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content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.DONDA WEST GETS JUSTICEGovernor

Schwarzenegger signed the Donda West Bill yesterday protecting people

who aren't physically fit to undergo cosmetic surgery ... 'Ye says they

are trying to push the bill in New York, Illinois and Oklahoma.


Weezy was upset with Eminem for not doing a track with him?? Well he's

not the only one. Madonna wanted to collaborate with Slim Shady but he

wasn't with it...she recently said..."I wanted to work with Eminem. I don't think he wanted to work with me. Maybe he's shy."...hmmmm

I doubt it was because he's shy...remember Madonna isn't always honest

about why people dont like her like how she claims her and Michael

drifted apart when he actually thought she was a rude whore and didnt

want anything to do with her.AND THE EXPLOITATION CONTINUES...When

Michael Jackson was alive he went to great lengths to make sure his

kids weren't thrust into the spotlight. I honestly didn't even imagine

they look as normal as they do. Well all that caution Michael took was

in vain since his kids are on deck to be REALITY TV STARS. The family

was pitching a reality show before Michael dies but they couldn't get a

green light since Michael wasn't a part of the deal. Well they

recently got the go ahead and they've said the entire family will be a

part of the project including his kids.UPDATE: Reebie Jackson says she wont take part in the series

claiming "...Michael would spin in his grave if he knew his kids would

be on this show."With Joe promoting his record label, Latoya

granting interviews to anybody with a checkbook and Jermaine trying to

put together a rinky dink tribute (lying about who agreed to perform) I

think it's sad how they're exploiting the situation. IT AINT TRICKIN IF YOU GOT IT

Khloe Kardashian is almost finished stickin' Lamar Odom for his paper. 

The couple that married a few weeks ago to meet a production deadline

for her reality show is close to finishing the pre-nup that has been

holding up ths official marriage. So far they have agreed Lamar will

pay Khloe a specified amount of money for every year the marriage lasts

and while they are together he will fund a joint account to cover all of their



heard DJ Envy talk about this on the radio and saw a few blogs report

Soulja Boy was having financial trouble and I figured he was getting

ready to go down like MC Hammer...until I got the details. Apparently

Soulja Boy's building landlord isn't happy with the young man claiming

his 10 cars take up all of the visitor parking, he's too loud and he

has too many guests roaming the halls at all hours of the night (he's

only allowed 2 at a time). He also owes $10,000 in back rent, which is

probably one month (two at the most). Sounds like an 18 year old

millionaire is disturbing his neighbors and somebody didn't pay a bill

nothing more nothing less. Soulja Boy turned to Twitter to discredit

claims of his financial ruin posting ANOTHER video where he gives us a

tour of his cash and jewel reserves.ANOTHER KANYE CANCELLATIONKanye was planning to follow in big bro Hov's footsteps and release

a clothing line called Pastelle. He was taking it pretty seriously

immersing himself in the fashion world and even spent some time

interning at The Gap to help develop his skills as a designer. I was

looking forward to seeing how quick the stans would jump on this (i.e.

Air Yeezys) but apparently the line will never see the light of day

aside from Kanye wearing it at events. Don't worry though word is he

will be releasing a different line under his own name.Here are some photos of the line that hit the net a few days ago:IM JUST SAYIN'Shout out to Reesha-Mae doing her thing at

Johnson and Wales.On October 17th

12 single strands of Michael Jacksons hair, taken from the coat used to

put out the fire during that infamous Pepsi commercial incident, are

being auctioned

off in London.Toni Braxton owes the bank

hundreds of thousands of dollars, owes her insurance company several

thousand dollars, now they're foreclosing on her crib.A source close to Kanye is saying he is definitely NOT in India ... Where are you Yeezy????One

of the dudes from The New Boyz said he wears skinny jeans cause they're

comfortable ... he doesn't like having a bunch of space in his pants

... take it how you want to I know how I feel.

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