Hip-Hop Rumors:Soulja Boy Retires and Returns? Brisco Starting Label? New Jack City II

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Holy cow! I know people want me to be on twitter more, but I just can't be on there the way I want. I will try to do better. So, just last night somebody hit me up on email and told me that Soulja Boy was going the route of Martin Lawrence - a meltdown. BUT, Soulja Boy opted to express his spazz on twitter. He was just yippin and a-yappin about people hating on him and him quitting the game. Those posts are now deleted and it seems like he's back to normal. By the end of the rant, he said that he had talked to Tyrese and said "my twitter doing numbers." Leads me to believe the young lad was either on lean or something or just wanted to get some more followers. It may be both.

Here is the rant:

"Like no bullshit... I'm looking on Twitter right.. all people doing is bitchin/hatin ... Thinkin about taking all my money and leaving :) ... Fuck having a Million followers fuck putting out music.. why? for yall to cry and bitch all the time. Put up new vidoes for what? fuck it ... Shit ain't how it use to be. Niggaz always fucking up public shit. Niggaz always hating... this world is looking real ugly right now...Yeah I said. fuck all of yall. I'm taking my money and leaving. Gonna go blow kush and live my 2nd dream. this rap shit lame now ... Like why? Like really. My music dream was THE SHIT 2 years ago before I was signed. It was everything I could ever imagine...Then I get signed. this is where my dream slowly died.. these crackaz wanna critcize a nigga. take REAL SHIT and turn it to trash...Water down my music and my appearance and make me look like something i'm not. THESE CRACKERS DONT KNOW WHO THE FUCK I REALLY AM!!! I go to the studio make new music for my fans to enjoy and party to. They take my shit hate on me. Make me look ignorant in the media ... It's all bullshit. Like WHY do I have to put up with this? because it's my dream? that shit died when crank that went #1... I know what you thinking. But SOULJA BOY its the American dream your rich I would kill to be in your shoes. thats what you THINK its all BS! ... They say soulja boy u changed. soulja boy u hollywood I ain't ask for this SHIT!!!!!! I want it to go back to how it was before i was signed ... I might be soundin crazy now.. I don't really know about alot of things these days. But I just want EveryBODY to know this shit ... Just KNOW that i'm only 18 man... And it's only so much I can do. It's only so much I can take. If your really fans and love and support me ... You would hear me out and help ya boy get thru this shit.. I know everybody is gonna have opinions on the things that i'm saying right now.. but there it is. I'm not perfect. feel the shit im sayin"

Shout out to Crack Distributors radio for the cut and the paste.


The classic street flick that is getting remade is NOT "Belly." That wasn't classic anyway. I wasn't going to reveal this until sombody told me it wasn't even a secret. They are making a sequel to New Jack City. I was told about this and the rumor has lived over a year ago and the writer for this movie had an interesting story. All I can relay is that the writer wrote the script for the entire movie while working as a token collector for a subway transit company. New Jack City II is on the way.


Quincy isn't interested in VIBE magazine, The Dude is interested in Vibe.com for his business efforts. He may be and older gentle man but he isn't crazy. I don't believe that the magazine game is crazy, but certainly Q is moving on. Also, with regard to Q, I have heard that he expects to live to be about 150 year, based on what his health is looking like now.


OK, it looks like yesterday's rumor set off a bunch of responses and whatever. Did or didn't Rakim write "Summertiime" for Fresh Prince aka Will Smith? One of my trusted industry sources told me that WITHOUT A DOUBT it was Masta Ace that actually wrote the hit record. I mean, there have been a few hats thrown in that, but I am going to stick with Ace due to the credibility of the source. And Did Nas write "Gettin Jiggy With It?


If you thought Nas was all down and depressed due to his looming divorce, you would likely be wrong. I don't claim to know the mind state of Nasir Jones but, he is certainly looked happy at a recent stop in Iowa. The QB don showed up to perform his new songs with Damian Marley. The pair rocked about five songs off their "Distant Relatives" album, which was supposed to have dropped already.Anyway, my boy Adrian told me this one is going to be well worth the wait and that they are truly the best of both world - Hip-Hop and R&B that is! So, if these guys are in your town, go see them and get a preview of some ill music.


I heard Brisco went into a studio, took all his songs, put them on a hard drive and bounced. I don't know for sure, but there may be some friction with Poe Boy. Some of my sources have indicated that Brisco is looking to start his own record label with those songs.


I've seen quite a lot of feedback from this video. Check it out again or for the first time.

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A lot of breasteses in that vid! If his fanbase is women, why would he do a video for men? Just a question.


A.P.T. hit me up and gave a very plausible theory on why Kanye didn't play the BET awards. Here is what he speculated:

This is A.P.T., a.k.a. the guy who made the "Obama Milli" song last year! I watched the B.E.T. awards, and realized that Kanye, despite being at the show, didn't perform. Keri Hilson was onstage, and they played the Kanye part of the song (in repetition) where he says, "This is bad, real bad, Michael Jackson." If I had to speculate, I'd say the reason he didn't perform is because the line right after that line is... "Now I'm mad, REAL mad, Joe Jackson."

Seeing as MJ's father was actually there, he, or someone at the network, probably thought it would be insensitive for Kanye to perform and say this line. No need to make reference to Joe Jackson's abusive ways during a tribute show I guess (though dedicating "F--k Every Girl" to the late pop star is, apparantly, perfectly acceptible. SHM). Anyway, this is just a guess, but I'm probably right!


I heard Joe Budden's old rap name used to be "Blur." LOL.

Last night Jay-Z and Ciara were in Phoenix rehearsing for their mini tour.

The Game has been tapped to play BA' Baracus in the film version of 1980s TV classic The A-Team. I can't mess with that. Cube was a better look, in my opinion, but we'll see.

50 Cent is looking at another artists to add to his roster. I think its Trick Daddy, but the source said the rapper has gone platinum in the past. I'm not sure if Trick has done that.

Somebody in Europe told me that the real reason Wayne's tour was cancelled, was not due to illness, but due to waning ticket sales.

N. Korea is going to try and kill us! I mean, I don't know any more...what is real? What is propaganda?


Heavy D was one of the few rappers that actually worked with MJ. Check out the interview with Angela Yee.


Check this foolishness out from the dailypress.com.

SUFFOLK - He left his photo. Now police have a name to go with it.

A 17-year-old Suffolk resident has been identified by police as the suspect in a recent burglary in which the perpetrator took a self-portrait with his victim's cell phone camera and left it behind.

Because of his age, the juvenile's name is not being released to the media. Debbie George, spokeswoman for the city of Suffolk, said detectives have interviewed the teen and will secure petitions charging him with a felony burglary count and a larceny count that could be a felony or a misdemeanor.

The burglary happened in early June at a residence on Holbrook Arch. Detectives believe the burglar attempted to make a phone call using the home owner's cell phone but was unsuccessful, then used the camera function to take a photo of himself. The photo was circulated in the media, leading to calls from citizens that helped detectives identify the suspect.


Do you want the Federal Government following you and tracking your every movement? Well, they already do it, but they are about to put the icing on the cake with this one. The U.S. Department of Transportation has been giving millions of dollars to state governments for the sole purpose of tracking people. They are even going to TAX you for it. Electronic tracking and taxing might be on the way, straight to your DMV. TheFederal Highway Administration is expected to dole out a round of funding and grants in the sum of $11 million. This push sucks. Not only will they know where you are, but they will know how fast you are traveling and therefore send out tickets based on how fast your GPS reports you are moving. Yeah, they do that too. It goes deeper. If you travel in the middle of the night, tolls would be cheaper for you and the GPS would track when you are moving and charge you accordingly. If you are moving during rush hour, its a wrap. You are getting taxed to the max. Furthermore, the Fourth Amendment cannot even protect you, because traveling is a very public act, they argue. These things are nothing but Big Brother on 'roids and opens Pandora's box for unchecked surveillance by police, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. PERIOD.

Put that in your weed pipe and smoke it.


Was that him? LOL




Him and Bron are coming for Kobe and the Lakers! Shaq is a crazy dude...crazy funny.