Hip-Hop Rumors: Soulja Boy Takes A Leak? Jay-Z's Roc Boy Video, Amy's Winehouse, Alicia Keys' Best Bud!

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Roc-A-Fella, Y'all!

So, the Roc Boys are officially in the building. Of course I wasn’t around, but I had aconversation with some people that were. And they informed me that “The Roc Boys” video is 100% finished and will premiere somewhere next week. Here is what I heard happens in the video. First, it is a big star-studded party in the 40/40 Club! There was MAD guest appearances like Nas, Diddy, Mariah, Rick Ross, Beanie, Freeway, Just Blaze, Bleek, Clue, Zab Judah, Cassie and many more people. Now, I heard it looks like so much fun, a lot of us are going to be hating.

Second, there is a subplot under all the fun and pageantry. The video offers Jay-Z as a younger man, which I THINK is played by his real-life nephew. I was told that the person in the vid looks a lot like Jay. The young Jay is accompanied by two other hustlers that are in the projects doing what hustlers do. So, there is that subplot.

I heard the video plays out like a real movie. In the “movie” this is where the drug dealer is at the height of his success. Jay-Z is the big boss in the vid and the younger Jay and his story is a subplot. The end of the video is just that…the beginning of the end, from what I heard. (I just made it sound really poetic.)


Also, I heard Jay-Z and his crew premiered the VH1 special for “Storytellers,” which is an intimate performance of songs from American Gangster. I didn’t see it, of course, but I get that it's Jay and a full 12-piece band – horns and all. I heard Beyonce and Beanie Sigel were in the audience, but the peeps I know didn’t see them. The show was taped in Brooklyn. Jay employs a lot of imagery, which is projected on the screen in the back. Anyway, here is a plug - VH1 Storytellers: Jay-Z: Life of an American Gangster airs November 8th at 9 PM. Log on to AHH at the same time.

I heard he says “SWEET” a lot in the special and I heard Jay is quite the comedian as well. You can thank me later for that information.

Check out Jay-Z on David Letterman…from what I understand, this resembles the VH1 special.

Enough Jay-Z!


I understood about five words of her performance at the MTV Europe Awards. Where is Jesus when you need him? Check out the video of Amy allegedly performing drunk. UG…this is frustrating for me.


Kerry “Krucial” Brothers has been doing this thing called music for some times. He’s closely affiliated with Alicia Keys, but he’s his own man. On with the rumors…there have been rumors about them as long as I can remember. “Are they a couple? Are they dating? Secret lovers”” Blah Blah Blah! Anyway, in the latest interview in the DJ’s/Producers section, Krucial sorta addresses the rumors of the romance between him and Alicia.

AllHipHop.com: You know I have to ask, how do you and Alicia balance your business with your romantic relationship?

Krucial : (Laughs) We just peoples. We both have a love for music.

AllHipHop.com: So you’re saying that the rumors aren’t true?

Krucial : I am saying that the rumors are the rumors. Its all good, I take it as a grain a salt. I look at this a job and I love it. All the extra stuff is irrelevant. The only difference between myself and a person that works an ‘8 to 5' is that you see my work. Then there are all these shows that are focused on celebrities’ lives. I want to use the media to promote what I’m trying to promote and that’s it. If I am going to put myself out there it will be in a book so that myself and my children can benefit from it, not the media.


Da Brat is out on BAIL! The rapper posted a $50,000 bond Thursday.

A few people got a hold of my rumor about the waitress allegedly attacked by Da Brat and I heard it's true. She is also a cheerleader for the ATL Falcons. Click here to read on that.

Mya is NOT being dropped! Whew!

Something happened with 50 Cent, where he’s been seen sporting a cast (or something that looks like a cast) on his forearm.

I heard Dame Dash gets on the intro of Jim Jones' new mixtape, Harlem American Gangster. I smell storm clouds.


Look at Soulja Boy riding around the airport on an electric car reserved for the elderly and handicapped. Pretty funny stuff.

There is another viral video running around of Soulja Boy taking a wiz off a hotel balcony. I heard when he took the leak, he almost hit somebody walking on the ground level. Now, most of them have been removed, but I’m sure they will pop up.


No disrespect to either Wow Bow or Omarion, but this album cover is outrageous. Photoshop done made cats lose their mind! Anyway, best wishes to them on this album. I hope the singing and rapping is as crazy as the cover!


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