Hip-Hop Rumors: Stan Challenges Jay-Z To Battle! LL Is In? Why 50 Likes Chelsea...


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Yall have seen my boy Chris on this site a few time. The homey is literally the biggest Jay-Z fan EVER. I’m serious and when you look at this video, you will see why. But, this is for charity and he’s challenging Jiggga to a best of three chess tourney. Peep the vid.

Chris, you’ve crossed the line now hahaha…you crazy son! LL COOL J IS ON THE ROCK-N-ROLL HALL OF FAME!

There is a powerful rumor that LL Cool J is confirmed as recipient as a crop of new musicians in the Rock Hall of Fame. There was a rumor that Kevin Liles was going to make that announcement at a Def Jam Rap Star party last night, but it never happened. So, the rumor stands. LL Cool J will be accepted along with others like Run DMC. I wonder if this disqualifies The Beastie Boys.


WOW! Remember Boy Back admitting to snitching on Tommy Hill? Click here for that. Basically, Tommy Hill is out of hiding or wherever he was to bring the real deal. He’s kicking some serious biz. If you are in the Philly/DE/Chester region, you know all about this story.

Tommy Hill (Ram Squad ) speaks on the conspiracy behind the federal indictment from Phillyheat TV on Vimeo.

DAG! Tommy Hill said he ran in Eve, Ms. Jade and Charli Baltimore! WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mikey T is a fool for these rumors! I’m tellin’ ya.. he needs no editing. Love it or hate it!!!!

Whats good it's ya Boy Mikey T The Movie Star

holla at the kid on twitter i be there @MTMovieStar

....your now rocking w/ the best

Punk'd could be back this year ...with a new host

not Ashton Kutcher this time Justin Bieber will take

on hosting dutys ...this is MTV's idea to bring

the series back .

In addition to starring in a film

w/ Denzel Washington ..Will Smith

has jus signed on to film both Independence Day 1 & 2

the company signed Smith on for a reported 50 million

dollars for both films as well as a cut of the Gross ,

film company is hoping to net close to 5 billion worldwide

off the next 2 films .

"The DownFall of Dipset ?? "

Mikey T The Movie Star speaks w/ Shiest Bubz Purple City

General about the impact Max B had on the Group Dipest

an how Dipset member's were feeling when Jimmy's man

went left .

i reported last week , that Vado would

be dropping a album 4 slime flu ...the reason

for this is due to his vast underground sales

apparently Vado moved between 12-15,000 mixtapes

an Cam worked him out a deal to put them in stores now .

Triple C's Color Cut Clarity

Torch speaks on the fact that there was on 11 tracks

on Teflon Don....so where do u think them other classic record

went ....well we got a new Triple Cs album coming soon ...so

most likely the tracks that didn't end up on Ross album

are going to the Triple C's ....(thats a good look)

i'm jus keepin it real holla at @MTMovieStar

we got the Movie Star Status mixtape on an poppin

moviestarmanagement@gmail.com for more info on that.

They bout to start callin @MTMovieStar @ItsJazzyFBaby & the big homie @illseed

the new 3 headed monster

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