Hip-Hop Rumors: Stat Quo, Kim & Diddy, More Foxy!!


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Throughout 2010, Foxy Brown has been almost dissing all the females in rap, namely Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. The closest she came to that was calling Nicki Minaj a liar and rapping on some reggae song referring to hair color. But, we all thought that she was about to go psycho when they announced the “Christmas Massacre,” which was set for Christmas / Christmas Eve. It never happened. Honestly, nobody even realized it. I don’t even know if the show went down the way it was supposed to.


A lot pf people are listening to this song “Syllables” by Dr. Dre, Eminem, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Cashis and Stat Quo. And, they are like…this is a new Detox record. Welllllll, its not. I didn’t realize it but one of my readers let me know the song is probably from Stat Quo. A couple years ago, Stat threatened to leak about 300 Dr. Dre records about a year ago and never did. Maybe he’s making some things happen? I don’t know. What do you think of that song anyway? I think there is a reason it took so long to come out.


Talib Kweli and his wife DJ Eque reportedly got into a public fight at a listening party, says the New York Post. They say she got mad that he was flirty with other women and the dern thing turned into a scuffle. Well, Talib and Eque have shot down the majority of the rumors, conceding that they did argue.

"Although we argued none of the rest of it is true. I definitely did not did not say I would not have gotten married if it wasn’t for Hennessy. I wasn’t kicked out, the party had been over and the footage of what I actually said is on youtube…."

Here is what the missus said.

"Who is making up all these crazy ass rumors? My husband did not hit me & I didn’t go into rage and attack him over flirting?? That’s crazy, Ppl need to check there facts before they start reblogging stuff!! Its time for joy and blessing, just stop with all the negative talk and energy….we all need to be more thankful”


Nicki Minaj recently stated that she would like to play in a Tim Burton film.

Anybody know anything going in New Year’s. I know a lot of people are planning to be in Las Vegas.

Jay-Z is getting a million bucks for a New Year’s performance.

Rick Ross won’t be in Africa for New Year’s but he killed it in Ghana last night, I have been told. My people in Africa tell me that the whole country is buzzing.

Go to the features section of the site and check out the new exclusive interview with Big Meech. The man that inspired the biggest song of the year.

Kim Port and Diddy and their kids were out in St. Barts for a vacation. Pause, but I wish the dude would go ahead and marry Kim. She’s dope and she’s stuck with him through the BS.


WHOA! I didn’t see this one coming. But, you know the boy Brock Lesnar. Dude is only the biggest and baddest hombre in the UFC. I mean, was the baddest. It looks like he was more of a bully than anything. Why? Back in October, this dude named Cain Vasquez beat the breaks off Brock. And now, Yahoo News is saying that Brock wants out of his UFC contract and wants to go back to the WWE. I don’t know if I believe this one, but Vince McMahon of the WWE seems to say otherwise. Meanwhile, Brock and Dana White of the UFC aren’t saying much. White has dismissed it. If its not true, I take the fail back.

FOXY WE LOVE YOU! They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!