Hip-Hop Rumors: Suge Knight, Berry Gordy, Mariah Carey and more.

Today's rumors are sponsored by Suge Knight - praise the Lord, Suge is saved!


Some magazine called World dissed Mariah Carey and said she is the worst singer of all time. She was voted in over Beyonce, Ashanti, Cassie and Janet Jackson. They said that she is, "All technique, gallons of surgery gloop, and not an atom of soul anywhere." Is this some sort of racist notion, because there is no Britney mentioned or anybody of that sort. Lets be real, Mariah sings way better than T-Pain or Akon!

On that same note, I heard that her future label mate Janet Jackson is working on her next album. Also, its looking like Janet is coming over from Sony to Def Jam. They say her and LA Reid had been seen handling some business.


Suge Knight’s new reality show is formally called “Suge Knight’s Unfinished Business” and he’s got some stuff to let out. Now, both Master P and Suge are both on the clean-up wagon, but there is a clear difference between the two. Master P recently re-released Ghetto D, but Suge says he’s going to bleep out offensive words in all Death Row CD’s going forward. Suge is also supposedly more religious too, being a regular attendee of the City of Refugees church in Los Angeles. So, Pac’s “Never gonna call you, a b***h again” actually comes true?


I don’t think we’ll ever heal from this one, huh? I know I won’t! Pac or Big…damn.


Berry Gordy is that dude! Way before Diddy, Suge, JD and Russell, he was the mogul! But, according to the Panche Report, he got aired out back in the day! Grouchy Greg also read this book. Raynoma Gordy Singleton was Gordy’s ex-wife, a Motown singer, songwriter, producer and a lot more! Well, she penned a 1990 book, “Berry, Me and Motown,” that had 100-times more drama than Jamie Foxx, Beyonce and J-Hud’s characters. Here are some highlights:

- January of 1959, Raynoma said she went and established a publishing company for her and Berry. Berry later commanded her to remove her name. She lost out on millions of that Motown money.

- The evening after they were married, Berry allegedly ignored her and went out with another woman- his mistress Margaret. (Why not just marry the mistress, I ask?)

- Raynoma charges that soon Margaret was calling herself “Mrs Gordy” and even got pregnant by him – allegedly.

- Now, Smokey Robinson’s wife invited Raynoma to go bowling, but Berry and Margaret were there too. This is what allegedly happened next:Margaret tries to put wild s**t but gets checked quickly by a pearl-handled .25 that Raynoma was holding. "Listen b***h (this is before Rev Al’s decency initiative), what are you doing here with my husband?," Raynoma said. "Get up now b***h, and walk out. Make one whimper and I'm going to blow you away."

Raynoma was only going to gun butt her a few times an be out, but Smokey Robinson intervened and stopped it. Needless to say, Ray Ray and Berry ended in a divorce.


Fans are so goo-goo for Kanye, they are making fake CD covers for Graduation. The thing with that is, there is also a fake tracklisting. If you see a bear going up to a graduation podium, you know its a falsie. Also, rumor has it "Bittersweet" will not be on Graduation. I think we can call that the Imus/Oprah affect! KanYe ain't dumb!


I heard Samuel L. Jackson sleeps with his gun. That’s thug love!

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon is supposed to be the next babe in Playboy! She's hot! I never thought she would do this though, but she is 40 now. She's very young looking for 40!

Remember Coral from MTV's Real World? Ok, me neither! But she's reportedly taken and affinity for the opposite sex.

Kim Kardashian and Evan Ross (Diana Ross' son) were seen dining at some spot called Les Deux last week end. They arrived hand in hand. I still think he's trying to shake the rumors that he's gay. Who cares what I think.

Ludacris and Nick Cannon will co-star in Ball Don't Lie, an indie flick. I hope Luda doesn't abandon Hip-Hop!

I hope Kay Slay, Pap, Unc Murder and them stop the mania. And Slay...no more using the bathroom while eating cereal and filming a video.


Over in the UK, don’t do a crime and be a minor! Over 108 kids have had their DNA taken and stored in a database after committing some sort of crime. The DNA is supposedly stored for life, according to the Daily Mail, even if your record is expunged after you are an adult. They are saying this will aid in eliminating these youth from being suspects in future crimes, but it seems they are already suspects. Some 100,000 innocent youth’s DNA also has been stored in Europe. If your DNA is on a crime scene, it gets stored…innocent or not. Hmmmm…


Looks like Bone Crusher is going in a different direction with his rap career. This isn’t bad perse, but it’s a far cry from “Never Scared!”

Remember this? We ain’t never scared! (This is the unclean, dirty and “I-will-beat-somebody’s-a**” version.)

AVRIL LAVIGNE AND LIL’ MAMA? WORD! (Avril is way pop!)


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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