Hip-Hop Rumors: Suge Knight K.O., Pictures And Details


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SUGE GOT K.T.F.O.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was trying to have a good day with my mother, mi madre, my mama and Suge goes and gets knocked out!

This is something I never thought would happen in my lifetime like an African American president.

Suge Knight was laid out last night. I can’t believe I am typing these words with my own fingers! The dude hit Suge and Suge was rendered unconscious at the Shag nightclub in Hollywood. Suge and some man were seen talking and then the conversation went way life, with Suge demanding money (according to reports). Suddenly, they say, Suge and other men run up on the dude. They strike and kick him. This is the odd part. Somehow, another man gets in a headlock by Suge, who was asking for his cell phone. The man that was beat down got him despite catching a beat down. He then did the unthinkable: landed a right hook to Suge’s face.

Suge was knocked out cold.

Suge was out for about three minutes, according to tmz.com. When Suge woke up, he still wanted his phone.

Don’t believe? See the pics below or read the AllHipHop.com news story on it!

Suge is the one in the yellow.

There is a lot of blood. I wonder who owns that blood?

Looks like he's getting his thoughts together and some people look very concerned.

That one security dude is really nice, tending to Suge and all that.

The aftermath: Suge has reportedly said that he'll be dealing with this on his own, without the police. I wonder what exactly does he mean? (Illseed note: I HAVE to wonder what Dr. Dr is thinking. I would pay to know what Dre thinks.


Don't for get Saturday! We had a lot of stuff going on that day! Click here to read what you might have missed over the holiday weekend. Hope everybody is treating their mother's like the Queen she is. If you don't think she's a Queen, treat her like she is and not like Soulja Girl, who got arrested.


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