Hip-Hop Rumors: Suge Knight Knows Who Shot Him!

Did Suge Knight Know His Shooter?

Here is something most people don’t know, including the music industry. We keep more secrets than we ever reveal over here at AllHipHop. So, this situation with the Suge Knight shooting earlier this year had everybody perplexed and there were definitely some theories floating around. Well, the crazy thing is, Suge know’s who shot him and it has been a feud that has carried on for years in the background over money, our sources tell us. I cannot say much else other than the streets are still heavily in the music industry even if the money has dried up. But, more importantly, these people that got him shot are actually cool people, which makes it all the more scary. I mean, Suge is scary and he's carrying on like there's no such thing as revenge. I’m out!