Hip-Hop Rumors: T.I. Confirms Rumors! Illuminati! New Album! Grand Hustle!


Last night, T.I. appeared at the SoHo Apple Store in New York City in a conversation hosted by AHH’s own Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur.

by illseed
MOBILE, Rumors.

Now, my intel from some AllHipHop people in attendance say that T.I. verified a number of things that I didn’t know before.

First, T.I. and B.O.B. are definitely working on the joint album that has been the buzz of the Hip-Hop Nation. He said its just a matter of timing.

Secondly, Tip revealed that Andre 3000 sh*tted on his on his own record! Those were HIS words. He and 3 Stacks have a song called “Sorry” that he played last night. Only thing is,they didn’t play the Andre 3000 verse. Somebody told me Tip suggested it would be leaked before the album.

Thirdly, he confirmed that he didn’t want any parts of reality TV. His back to back cases changed his mind, because he said too many people had a narrow-minded view of him. Tiny was there too.

Fourthly, Tip is NOT in the Illuminati. There was a very staunch Christian Asian man in the audience and he was adamant about asking T.I. about being in the Illuminati or wanted him to recognized the Illuminati as real. Tip kinda clowned dude! This will all be on iTunes in a couple of weeks. I’ll get you that update when it comes.

Fifthly, T.I. suggested that some people around him were tight that Iggy has gotten so much praise since joining Grand Hustle. But Tip said you have to shine on your own, with or without him. And , she shines.

Lastly, there has been quite a bit of talk about whether or not Tip can live in all of these worlds. And the answer is apparently yes!