Hip-Hop Rumors: T.I.'s OTHER Baby Mama Launching a Singing Career?!

These "wives" and baby mamas of celebrity men just won't stop chasing the spotlight, will they?! T.I.'s baby mama, whose stage name is Ms.Niko, is hoping to be next up on the 15 minutes of fame train. She has just released a music video for her new single, "If This is Luv /Man Eater," from her mixtape, Luv Khronicles, and is ready to launch her singing career.


Ms. Niko is the mother of T.I.'s 10-year old daughter, Deyjah, and if you watched T.I.'s "Family Hustle," you caught a glimpse of her last night in a scene where she and T.I. discussed their 10-year old's new boyfriend? What the?!

Anywhoo, does Ms. Niko have the goods to be a legitimate singer, or should she just sit back and enjoy those child support checks? You be the judge: