Hip-Hop Rumors: Terrence J Says Sorry!


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As always, don't forget to read the previous rumors on the site. Shelz and Drama did their thing. I had a bit to say myself about the NJ police looking for Jim Jones and a possible betrayal of Rick Ross. Anyway, here is the re-up.


Terrence J finally calls it a day and says sorry to his boo Rocsi aka Rocs-Zilla. Well…I guess I can tell the whole drawn out story. Basically, Rocsi was on “vacation” all last week. This week, she returns with no Terrence. What is this some “separate, but equal” s**t? Anyway, she comes back out with Mario, the singer/dancer. After making some funny “I’m back, b****es” looking faces, Rocsi eases back into her job. After playing a video by Chris Brown, Rocsi and Mario are on the couch and there are flowers. Rocs thanks Mario for the flowers and he says something like, “No, these are from Terrance.” And T wrote her a letter that Mario read. Now, the letter was an apology, but he also admitted to going too far with his jokes on Friday. I saw that show and I didn’t think it was all that. Its not like he called her a “big a** whip cream head b***h” or something. Anyway, in the letter he made reference to her being “family” and whatever. He also said that she was his “rock,” which is an interesting word to say the least. Eventually, Rosci has this major smile and says that she love Terrence and “That’s my brother.” Is this incest or what? Anyway, I’m glad to see this chapter gradually come to a close.

Rumor has it Terrence J almost got into an altercation last week after he hosted a party. Apparently, somebody was yelling at T and he got flustered and ran up on the person. Security would have none of it.


This has got to be a sick joke or demented promotional item. Batman is supposed to be a moral leader that fights crime – not his mother! The Dark Knight aka actor Christian Bale has been arrested in London for assaulting his mother, 61 and his 40-year-old sister. His mom and sister formally snitched on him at a police station in Southern London after Bale did something to them at the Dorchester hotel on Sunday. Despite his alleged assault police let him attend the European premiere of 'The Dark Knight.” Sounds suspect to me! The police don’t really have anything on him, but they do have an allegation. They probably wanted some of that Bruce Wayne money.


I don’t know if you all know, but there is a real person named Rick Ross. He is an infamous drug dealer from Cali. He’s responsible for pumping drugs in the Black Community and helping to destroy many-a-movement in the 60’s. He was also a reported pawn of the U.S. Government. Anyway, he’s reportedly commented on the latest developments surrounding his rap counterpart. (I didn’t edit.)

“Smash that fraud a$$ ni$$a , and expose all these fake a$$ rap studio gangsters. They glamorizing a life to our youth that is detrimental. Fronting like they got rich pretending to get rich in the drug game.

I hate em! Link up with this nigga AZ , no , not the fake one down with Nas , but the one who was down with Alpo & Rich Porter. He sued the fake AZ & Sony for identity theft ( Basically ) & got $500,000 settlement.Expose the government drug dealing in our hoods.”I wonder how Ricky feels about his place in society. I feel him, but I don't think he should judge so harshly...unless he has something else to say.


This is reportedly a lyric where Rick Ross disses the 'Net and bloggers.

"B***h, I'm the boss and I'm laughing at your blogs….I'm the glue in the streets, meaning I can get you stuck/ The world knows where the f**k I'm from/ Sell rock, 20 chains and I never lost one .../ Heavy on the block, never on the 'Net."

I am glad he’s never on the 'Net so he can’t read what people are saying! Thanks, mtv!


Rumor has it rapper Fabolous had just had a baby boy…no confirmations here.

People Don’t Really Care. I have noticed that an unscientific majority of people don’t really care if Rick Ross was a C.O. or not. They just care about the music.

Did anybody see Lady Drama on Wendy Williams show today? I didn’t know Drama had it like that. OK, I see you. No shout out for illseed though? S-M-H!

Another Day, Another Sex Tape: A-Rod and Madonna supposedly have a sex tape. Pardon my English, but don’t nobody wanna see that mess.

Stop Hating! Federal prosecutors have dropped their criminal probe of fiscal irregularities and tax fraud by the Rev. Al Sharpton and his National Action Network. (New York Daily News.)

Under What Roof? The Flavor Flav show is still on TV! Who is watching this festival of coonery?

R. Kelly is trying to leave Jive Records for a deal with Interscope Records. Jive held son down all that time and he just wants to bounce?

Sorry, Dawg! I know Chris Brown doesn’t want people in his business, but people are saying dude has a 4-year old kid? That means, he got somebody knocked up when he was like 14-15. Hmmm….


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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