Hip-Hop Rumors: That Dude Suggests He Tapped Ice-T's Wife Coco!

AllHipHop Staff

Ice-T may have to get all "6 in the morning" with this new dude AP.9! This dude is suggesting that he tapped CoCo's reserves! Now, the thing is, why? Ice-T and CoCo are a loving couple that have done some great things together! But, now it is looking like they may have to endure some other level of drama.

The dude AP.9, basically said in a new interview that he hit it. As you may know, pictures surfaced that CoCo had been taking some pretty inappropriate pics with this dude. Well Ice took her back. And they were seen smily faced. But, now, his face is going to be more like this:

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Image placeholder title

The TMZ interviewer dude kept asking AP that there were rumors that he tapped CoCo's white chocolate and he just kept saying, "That's a RUMOR? Is that a rumor?" He was basically saying, "That's a FACT, not a rumor." He also said that he wasn't afraid of Ice-T, because he's "from the hood."

You must not know Mr. AP.9. Ice-T is a made man!

Here's Ice-T with his gun at the firing range. He finishes saying, "Don't f**k with me!"

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