Hip-Hop Rumors: The Game & Young Buck Link?? Swizz Beatz To Divorce? Teyana Taylor's Movie!


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Hip-Hop Rumors: Polow Da Don's Former Job! T-Pain's Rappin' Baby Moms! D12 Returns!


A lot was happening on AllHipHop.com yesterday. I kind of took a back seat with the rumors for that very reason. Here is a run down.

AllHipHop.com formally endorsed Barack Obama. I know you have read some half-way support statements, but this one goes all the way. Click here to read it.

Secondly, we have two really ill features (video and text) on Foxy Brown. Click HERE for the video rundown of her first day home. And click HERE for the interview.

You may have missed it, but Khia went OFF on MC Serch for kicking her off that reality show.

Bernard Hopkins is a legend, but he definitely didn’t win that fight against Joe Calzaghe (Sorry, B-Hop!) We run down all the action!

Remy Ma isn’t getting her sentencing YET. It got pushed back.

There is a new video 9th Wonder and Buckshot Ft. Talib Kweli

"Hold It Down." Check here to see it.

Review of the Nicki Minaj: Sucka Free Mixtape.



So, I’m a sucker in the rumor game now. I mean, it’s basically time for me to give it up to somebody that’s ignorant. LOL! I care about people now so I sit on rumors! One such rumors involves Swizz Beatz and his doting wife Mashonda. Basically, I heard she and he are over after a few months of arguing and absence. If you recall, they were the talk of the town for a minute and had several public events (birthdays, baby showers and even songs together.) That have a young son too. Anyway, without going into too many details, I heard things have deteriorated over time and the ring has been taken back. All these divorces and splits…I might as well go to the next one.


Wow. I get all tentative and apprehensive about people and their relationship, but according to People, that sucker is over. "It's always sad when things like this end, and we remain friends. I wish him the best in his future and all of his endeavors. He's one of the most talented people I've ever met,” said Alexis Phifer, Kanye’s ex-fiancée. Wow No 2. I thought she was pretty dope, but that was a quick crash and burn. Anyway, Alexis has her own thing going, I discovered. She’s got a clothing line called Ghita and it is doing pretty well. Wow No. 3. Anyway, I am sure they will both be fine when its all said and done.


The Game and 50 Cent are still all set to do battle again on June 24. I keep mentioning the date since it is really playing out like another Kanye West / 50 Cent scene. So, last week there was a rumor that 50 was all set to push The Game back. In fact, I heard 50 claimed he already had done it. I don’t know. Anyway, Game’s people fired back pretty forcefully yesterday that this was categorically incorrect and that The Game was dropping on time. This is April so we’ll see how this pans out. Ahhhhhh…The things that keep Hip-Hop exciting.

Late last night I got this refresher from a source.

Rumor has it that, Interscope isn't too happy with 50 as of lately. He has tried to push Game's album release back to no avail. A staff meeting last week took a listen and discussed Games album L.A.X. and Jimmy Iovine was allegedly impressed. 50 has sought to move the date with threatining phone calls. 50 is upset that they would allow Game to be released on the same day as his G-Unit album.


This could be an unholy alliance indeed – The Game and Young Buck. This is just rumors stuff so please don’t quote me. I ain’t saying much. But, rumor has it, Game has been in contact with Young Buck and there might even be a track in the near future. Now, here is something I find as an even more shocking rumor. I heard that Fat Joe has been in contact with Buck, and there might be something going on there too on the collabo tip. That would effectively create BEEF between Buck and 50. Right now they are throwing very soft left jabs, but seem to have that right cocked back.

Anyway, this dude Dubbz hit me up and told me some stuff about the “Kill All Rats Mafia” (that’s a very harsh title). Have you heard of this group called K.A.R., a crew affiliated with Fat Joe, but unified through their mutual dislike for 50 Cent? They claim there is a G-Unit song called "I Like The Way She Do It," but charge that K.A.R. recorded a song called "Poppin' Off" which can be heard at that link. Apparently, 50 bought the beat from the producer for a handsome sum to take it off the market. I guess Fat Joe is on there and Fif didn’t want it out there. The art of war is something, eh?

By the way, visit thisis50.com. 50 has reportedly said that AHH shows no love to his site. Not true, homey!

The Game has launched ThisIzGame.com. Not sure about that, especially since he has like 3-4 other sites.

Are producers just super nerds that do beats? EH. Click here to answer that question.


I mean, this isn’t like breaking news or anything, but I heard Alicia Keys recently came out and endorsed Barack Obama for the presidency. I wonder what her reasons are? Anyway, as you know PA is the big deal and kind of represents Hillary’s last stand as a candidate. If Hill wins here, she still has some sort of life in the race (I guess). Anyway. I heard Alicia had a show there yesterday or very recently at Temple University and endorsed Barack from the stage.


YAY! The Governor of PA has a tremendous amount of respect for Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. I wonder if Hillary will cut him off since she mentioned Farrakhan’s name a ways back. Hmmmmmm? Rev. Wright’s Revenge!


My bud Tori LaLa has a few things to say. Peep what she’s hearing about the Charm School / Flavor of Love (you know I don’t watch that mess):

I loved Charm School with the Flavor of Love girls! I've been hearing for a while that they were going to spin off this concept with the guys from I Love New York. But now it looks like VH1 is going to do an 'all star' show feature the guys from I Love New York, the ladies from Flavor of Love, and the Rock of Love girls in a Real World-Road Rules type of challenge. LaLa is supposed to be hosting but with we've all heard that she and 'Melo are having problems. Last week LaLa hit People.com up to let them know that she is a stand by her man kinda woman. I wonder if it would be the best move of hers to be leaving Denver right now with all this speculation.


Teyana Taylor is everywhere these days. Supposedly Lil Miss T, Lauren London, Meagan Good, and Chingy are doing a movie together. Damn, I didn’t meant to suggest that Chingy was a hot girl and frankly I am offended that he’s that close to my boo, Lauren. The name of the movie is Caramel and the flick is about a pair of girls that grow up in Jamaica Estates, Queens. They are best friends, and the coolest in school. Somehow, there is a love story in there and I pray there is no Chingy / Lauren love scenes. (Wendy and Charlamange, here is something for you to joke about.) It's about teenagers and their cars, and their cliques. It's an all around coming of age story." Okay, so it's like “ATL 2.” Now, if Lauren and Meagan really do this flick, will the guys really care what its about or just stare at the screen? I will do both.Teyana Taylor has been the topic of some discussion regarding her sexual orientation. I'm not really trippin' but she had some highly suggestive picts on the net last week.


Lookie at what I stumbled over:

D12 is Celebrating The Release

Of Their New Mixtape "The Return Of The Dozen"

May 24th in Detroit

For Their Mixtape Release Party

D12 - Return Of The Dozen

Available May 20th - Pre Order It Now

ILLSEED’S QUICKESI love how Atlantic slapped some braces on Estelle - like lightening fast! Click here to see the AHH review of her Atlanta show.

I personally know nothing about the situation between VL Mike and B.G. / Chopper City,but somebody told me that it may be possible that Mike is owed some back royalties. I don’t know.

T-Boz has apparently jumped into the clothing business and started a children’s clothing line. I heard she was promoting it at a store called “Chase’s Closet” in Houston.

Last week, Ashlee Simpson was on the Today show. Her vocals and rumored pregnancy were such a distraction that no one seemed to notice that Denosh from Making the Band is now singing and dancing backup for Ashlee. (Thanks, Tori)

Also, Diddy and Kim Porter were spotted at lunch this weekend in Beverly Hills as well as at David and Victoria Beckham's party this weekend. Kim's starting to look like Omarosa. Also partying with the Beckhams? Usher - without Tameka!

Tia Mowry got married over the weekend to Cory Hardrict. I wonder if Marques Houston was there. (Go home, Roger!) Speaking of Marques, I hear his boy BFF, Omarion, got dropped from Columbia Records.

Nas’ N***r album got pushed back to July 1st. They are treating it just like a n****r too, eh?


Barack Obama on WWE’s Raw:

“Can you smell what Barack is cooking?” (Candidates are doing about anything to get some shine, eh? Hillary was on there too, I heard.) Click here to to see the actual video with Hill and McCain.


Let's get it:

It appears Young Buck has finally commented to 50 for kicking him off G-Unit! He made a song called “The Interview.” If you missed it yesterday, listen here.

Here are some of the lyrics he kicks in response to 50 Cent’s drug abuse claims.

“Damn right I’m sipping syrup, flipping birds to get what I deserve /And I hear the same things that you heard/ That ‘50 kicked him out’ or ‘Buck sniffs coke and he flips out’/ It’s too late, the whole world know what I be about/ Sh–, I do make mistakes like any other man/ Sh–, I recoup off an album, quicker than you can … Am I loyal? Dr. Dre can answer that for ya.”

Lady Drama's Food For Thought:

Does Kim Porter have any self respect? Or does she think it's cool to be Diddy's permanent go to chick in times of need?

Damn Ray J can't kick that Whitney habit can you?

Is anyone else anxious to see Rudy play a prostitute in Tyler Perry's new movie? I have no doubt she can pull it off I'm just curious to see what the wardrobe will look like! No Homo! (Illseed Note: I definitely feel creepy even thinking of Keshia Knight Pulliam that way!)

Why does Foxy think she did a year in prison off the strength of her celeb status..... No actually you did a year because you need anger management! Come on Fox glad to see you out though!

Now that Omarion is kicked off of Columbia records I wonder if he's re-thinking that B2K reality show. (Illseed note: I never saw this coming. Wonder why?)

I wonder if Khia’s butt still hurts after being kicked off the Miss Supreme rapper show?

What the hell is up with KRS-One getting hit with a bottle at a Stop the Violence concert? WTF I'm confused.

That's all folks till next time...... Remember the more you say the less they listen.

AllHipHip Rocks the VOTE

We talked to everybody in the whole rap game for this one.


Carmine Gotti, yes, as in the legendary John Gotti's grandson is "rapping." Stick to the hair products, bud.


I’m not sure if they are beefing or just making fun, but I actually like this song. Million & B-Phraze end up making fun of 50 Cent, T-Pain, Soulja Boy, the A-Bay Bay kid and reality TV. LOL.


I love Roy Ayers and Nas over his music is going to be classic. Peep it from Syracuse University!

For the other videos, click here.


This is to die for. Do you remember Wu Tang’s first album? If you don’t, this might not mean anything to you. If you do, you will crack up laughing! The Wu Tang Office!


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