Last night, when I finally laid my head to rest… I had looked at a video of “Chocolate Rain,” by Tay Zonday about 1,000 times. Now, the first time, I was shocked and amazed at this kid/fellow that looked like a mulatto Max Headroom, but sounded like a suburban opera singer. Now, I eventually went to sleep and woke up repeatedly having nightmares of being washed away by chocolate rain. It was crazy! When I got up, I did my research and this guy has all sorts of crazy, kooky songs. This is the rumors section, but I have to launch this dude into the world for all to see. I present you the video works of Tay Zonday, the greatest thing since Reh Dogg. And, that's freakin' crazy dope...straight up!

-illseedPS: The Rumors are coming later on...or maybe I will take Friday off?

“Chocolate Rain” (773,098 hits! We have to get this guy to a million!)

“Get It Back (The Tax Rap)” (Jay-Z, I hope Ty-Ty is watching your back!)

“Love” (I just remembered, I need a girlfriend. Thanks Tay!)

"Canon In Z" (John Legend is a peasant compared to Tay. Sorry, Johnny boy! Next: Mackin’ Alicia Keys.)

"Dying For The Deadline" This song, I’m not liking as much, but it definitely shows that David Letterman should book him asap. F**k that, Jay Leno!

On this song, Tay abandons his traditional yellow color to do an ingenius impersonation of Rick Astley in the Karaoke world.

“Motherless Child” Remember when Ghostface sampled the original? Next time, he’ll be sampling Tay. This sounds like a “Negro” spiritual.

As you can see, Tay Zonday has hits on top of hits. I didn’t put all his hits here, because you have to do some of the work on your own. Yeaaaah, holla!

OK, here is one more. Tay reads to the people! Peep his speaking voice.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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