Hip-Hop Rumors: The Ill Pics: Ne-Yo Wilds Out! Rappers Edutain! Racists Live!

Here are some Ill Pics for the day. Nothing crazy, but a lil something something. More proof people are wild, but some are good to. Some are just pure fun. Don't forget to read the rumors posted earlier.

Here is a run down. Ne-Yo's wild night in NYC!

RZA Wins! The WuTang founder is also a Chess Master.

Entertainers really do care about education, especially rappers.

Forget about Nas' album titled. Some old scientist thinks Blacks are genetically less intelligent that Whites.

What's going on here with Ne-Yo and this lady? I'm a lil' slow so help me out as to what they are trying to prove here.


RZA recently won the belt at the HHCF's chess tourney! Shout out to Pop Master Fabel in the right.

The guy on the right says that Blacks are genetically inferior to Whites. Well, of course, we don't agree - Blacks or Whites. If he is so smart, why would he say such a stupid thing? And If he was so smart, wouldn't he have discovered a way to age more gracefully? Read up on this in the earlier rumor entry.

In 07, Farrakhan wins. Oh yeah..The minister is 74...my bad on the error below.

Last night, Entertainers 4 Education Alliance hosted a concert in NYC to encourage youth to do the right thing and STAY IN SCHOOL. Here are some of the stars that showed up. Good to see we are educating each other, unlike the racist above.

Remy and her cleavage came through to support like a good bra.

The "Alphabetical Slaughter" is real. Papoose teaches the kids to read.

Jim and Juelz know what time it is. I see Freekey in the back there.

Lil' Mama - Keep Shinin...haters lost in 07.

Another Remy on the rocks, please.

Last but not least is the good Rev. Run of Run DMC.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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