Hip-Hop Rumors: The Late Edition! Diddy's New Girl! Give Saigon Free?



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info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.

YESTERDAY'S RUMORSHip-Hop Rumors: Did Somebody Poop In Lupe's Car? Did Bad Boy's New Act! More Rumors Candidates!TEST FAILED!

You know, when you

have a job…you get sick days. You get sick and you get allocated days to take off. Guess, what? Illseed gets ill from time to time. Today is one of those days. I put it in the page the other day that I was feeling a lil’ weird, but does anybody care? NO. And why would you? If I’m not doing rumors, I’m useless to people like Tywlite! Its all good…I pulled myself up just enough to do some stuff that may or may not be up to par. One person did

hit me up, but I’m not going to say their name. But, that’s a good look homey! (Most people take sick days and they aren't even sick!!!)

Damn, I feel like Ghostface…


If you are from South Africa, email me! Yo! Somebody I know is in South Africa and told me that “Iron”

Mike Tyson is out there too! Guess what? Iron Mike has cause a whirlwind of

issues, because of his rape conviction! ANC (African National Congress) president

Jacob Zuma cancelled a party for Mike in South Africa

after the people protested his co-signage of the ex-champ. That’s a rumor,

because according to the statement released, Zuma didn’t

show due to a more pressing engagement. Oh well, Mike is still Mike! He’s over

there doing some boxing commentary and I heard that Winnie Mandela has no

issues with the Champ. What more is there? I don’t know, but its

not a lot.


Rumor has it, Saigon’s

album has been pushed back again. I understand that Saigon is very unhappy with

his position at Atlantic and currently looking

for a new deal. I can’t say that as fact, but that is the word. Now, we have

already been waiting for years for Saigon to

come back out so what the hell? Just put the damn thing out so we can get our

fix. No word on who Saigon is trying to get to

on the label side, but its really getting dark for real MC’s on the rap side. A

lot of these fun rappers have their place, but if you are some sort of spitter…whew!



Game’s mother is a real G, G.



I got a letter from Mike J, who is Stevie

J’s brother (I’m assuming he’s telling the truth). He let me know what’s good

with his brother marrying Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter.

Steve has some other things poppin so we might be seeing

him more now.

It's true, my brother is going to marry Alex. They got engaged

during Christmas. He also had a good meeting with Diddy. He is due to start working with him in March. He is also in the works to head up the newly created urban wear of the skateboard shoe, DC. God Bless,

Mike J



There is a new reported beef coming up. There is a new

interview with Miss Jones (aka Jonesy)

and they apparently expressed their discontent over Keyshia

Cole. Just listen to this and tell me what you think about it.



I could be wrong or just WAY clueless so help me work this

out. Jay-Z has a new song called “Ain’t I” and he’s a

Timbaland-produced joint. Now, DJ Clue’s drops have

fueled the rumors that Jay-Z is now looking to do a third installment of the

Blueprint series. Will that come to fruition? I don’t know. Maybe it will also

include that “Can’t Knock The Hustle” remix. Anyway,

from what I understand, there is nothing new about this, but certain clearances

weren’t met to make the deadline for American Gangster. Now, there is the Euro

Gangster and that just means American Gangster was released in Europe with a bonus track called “Ain’t


Then – is Jay-Z dissing? On “Ain’t I,” he has a few lines that suggest he is talking to

people like Beans and the always vocal Peedi Crakk.

"I took a pay cut

to become a exec/ So the next motherf***er can earn his paycheck/ And even though these n---as talk greasy 'bout me/ Ask these n***as how they gonna eat

without me!"


I don’t know if anybody else picked this nugget up about Wow

Bow, but I heard that his lil’ Cleveland scuffle was regarding a rapper

named Epik. Apparently, Epic dissed

Wow to the Bow. Why? I don’t know. That’s what rappers do…they diss each other and idiots like myself

write about it. Anyway, I think Epik was attending

the concert and he and “Wow to the”got into a

confrontation. Nobody was hurt, lets be clear andif you are at a Chris Brown/Wow to the Bow concert, its

not really going to get but so gullified.

Nevertheless…that’s that and that’s it.


Oh, more on this Epik guy. He’s

not actually suing The Game – but it involves Jayceon.

From somebody close to the situation, Epik is

reportedly suing JT Tha Bigga

Figga. Seems like Epik had a song with The Game from way back in the day,

during the “Bay” era and JT allegedly go ahold of the

song. Allegedly, Epik’s song turned into “Get Ya Money Right” on the new JT/Game album. They are taking

action legally. There you have it. One rapper – two rumors.



My girl Marvelous

Mo did some legwork and hit me

with some of the sights and sounds at a talent showcase for Diddy’s

babes – Cheri Dennis and new signee Janelle Monae:

I attended the BadBoy Roster performance @ spotlight live this past

Tuesday. So Cheri Dennis is on stage and she is working her ass off. Diddy is standing on the couch and he's into her performance but the crowd...not so much. Everyone was quiet and let her perform, but the attentiveness of the crowd wasn't so hot. I

can't call what it was...her voice was on point. * shrugs*

So as the evening goes

on, most of the crowd starts to get impatient and keeps talking about Janelle Monae and when is she coming on. The Bad Boy Street Team did a great job posting Cheri Dennis's poster and flyers all over the bar, bathroom, and the venue. That doesn't compare to the amount of people who voluntarily sought out Janelle Monae signs and were

holding it up chanting her name.

So finally Diddy introduces her as a new signee

to BadBoy and for us to check her out. Her drummer and guitarist came out in white souljah boyish glasses, one of them had a Moe style'd wig on as well. So she comes out and is just a big fat POW to the audience. Everyone pays attention, everyone is curious about this chick if they never heard of her before. Diddy is dancing hard on the couch. Janelle Monae is doing the mean dances...and has the entire venue screaming "heeeyyyy hoooooo heyyyy hooo" while she gets her boogie on. She does a slow ballad and boy did that song

showcase her vocal range.

I have to say she was

the best performance the entire night. Hands down. I have a feeling Cheri feels a way about Janelle Monae because the first thing most people thought of after Janelle left the stage was "uh oh..someones future might not be too bright." Hell, most of the people in the venue left after Janelle preformed. She should have headlined the showcase to be

honest with you.


conclusion, Janelle > Cheri. (No bus throwing)


note: there is no reason for Cheri to feel bad. She’s really a dope a** singer and entertainer. She was at the AllHipHop Week celebration two years ago and she killed it. Again, that was two years ago. She needs a serious boost and perhaps this new energy named Janelle is just what

the Diddy ordered. Holla.)


 Check out this lesbian rap group AHH interviewed. They already have a song with Pharrell...I'm not mad at them. Better than that Caushion dude.

I might not be able to have a sidekick in the way I wanted

to. Seems like my “superiors” are looking for something that wasn’t

represented on the page when I posted them. I might have to figure out a

different way if this doesn’t work.

I think one of the illseed kickers

got something wrong about Beanie and Gillie. I think I was old info based on

what a lot of people told me.

Lil’ Kim going to G-Unit? I’ll believe it when I see it. That’s

the word.

Blakkween – shout out! She hit me

with some new rumors. I am going to sprinkle them though out today’s rumors. I haven’t

had the time to review the comments on each Rumors Assist so I have to see what’s


Oh yeah, Blakkween told me that

the new album by Ashanti’s

been pushed back like “long sleeves on a hot day.”

50 Cent has told Ciara that she

cannot do any collaborations with Cash Money, eh? LOL.

My boy Jye hit me up with some

rumors. See them below:

CRASH - word on the skreet...(been in the south too long) is that Don Cheadle is gonna be producing a TV

show based on the movie "Crash". So far I'm hearing that Starz is onboard to show 13 episodes starting in august and

Don Cheadle is going to be executive producer for the


DEADED? - Can you believe the Montel Williams show has been on for 13 years? I stopped

watching it around the time he divorced his wife. What's that all about she wasn't bad on the eyes. CBS is going to give fans a

years worth of "Best Of Montel"

shows since no new episodes are being filmed. (illseed: is this a part of the writer’s strike or is

he cancelled?)



I swear “Blade” was going to jail, but lo and behold, the AP

sent the headline:

Action star Wesley

Snipes was found not guilty of federal tax-fraud and conspiracy charges Friday,

but was convicted on three misdemeanor counts of failing to file a tax return.

YAY! He was facing over a decade and a half in jail and now it

is three years. You know, Wesley as Blade was listed as one of my Top

10 most Powerful (fictitious) Black Men in Film. Why

don’t you just read it again, eh?



Here is your “Sign,”

compliments of Blakkween and Examiner.com.

A woman accused of

leaving eight children with little food and no money while she traveled to Africa to marry a man she met on the Internet has been arrested. Shanell Monique Mosley, 33, was met by authorities as she got off an Air France jet Monday at George Bush Intercontinental Airport, and charged with child endangerment and child

abandonment for leaving the children in squalid conditions.

When she left for Nigeria on

December 31, Mosley told her 15 year-old daughter she would return in a month. Mosley’s children are ages 1, 7, 8, 9, 15 and 16, Jordan said. The other two children found in the home were 3 and 4 year-olds the family cared for on behalf of a single father who worked, Jordan


The 9 year-old son

told authorities he and the baby ate a still-frozen pizza for breakfast the morning they were discovered home alone. There were no diapers, baby food or

formula for the infant, no sheets on beds and fruit was rotting in a basket.

One word: SMH.


Obama vs. Clinton, and now Toni Morrison vs. Maya


Maya Angelou on Hillary:

"I know what kind of president Hillary Clinton will be

because I know who she is. Hillary Clinton has always been a strong woman and a passionate protector

of families."

(Hillary is protecting her own family from the Lewd-inskys of the world!)

Toni Morrison directly

to Barack Obama:

"In addition to keen intelligence, integrity and a rare authenticity, you exhibit something that has nothing to do with age, experience, race or gender and something I don't see in other candidates. That something is a creative imagination which coupled with brilliance equals wisdom. It is too bad if we associate it only with gray hair and old age. Wisdom is a gift; you can't train for it, inherit it, learn it in a class, or earn it in the workplace -

that access can foster the acquisition of knowledge, but not wisdom."

Illseed on Barack Obama:

“I formally endorse the movement for Barack

Obama! This country is more than two families running

the nation! This is the time for fresh faces, new leadership and change for a

whole nation! OBAMA 2008 – THE INSPIRATION! ”

Fat Joe disses 50 Cent and his water:

“And they hustle yay not Vitamin

water, Fat cause I’m so rich, Rich cause I’m so hood" (Thanks Amar)

 Shawty Lo's pay per play on radio...:“I was paying for radio everywhere. Once the song

caught, other stations and everything started picking up, and that’s when the label- they seen the BDS spins start going up- thats when they

stepped in and put they radio folks on it. And now it’s crazy.”(Illseed Note: About time somebody was honest! Now the question is WHO was being paid!?!)


I just wanted to post this Kanye

West video for “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” Isn’t that titled poor English? Yeah,

well we love it anyway. At any rate, I dedicate this to Lil’

Andre (“Was you sayin’ something?”). You know who you

are and you can’t tell me nothing. If I can move through

the rumors, I can drive off of fumes, homey. You are a bug on my windshield. (I

love this song and its not all about “new.”.) SMH.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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