Hip-Hop Rumors: The Masons Stepped To The "Mason" That Stepped To Rick Ross!


LOL! It looks like the masons are PISSED! Now, this part of it I find hilarious!

by illseed (@illseed)
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Its seems there is some form of coalition in the Hip-Hop game of actual masons. Not Illuminati. I kind of wish they were though. Anyway, these Black Masons took exception to the dude that took exception to Rick Ross yesterday! They checked the homie in yesterday’s rumor post!

Mannnnn, check it:

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Apparently, these entertainment-based Black Mason, who will remain nameless a the moment, checked the lil dude-in-the-video’s credentials. And what did they find? They couldn’t find any file on him at all! He’s not a registered Mason at all, they say! And they “talked” to him. I wonder what they means? “Talked.” At any rate, its just good for entertainment purposes, but he did get Rick Ross to say he was NOT a mason. That’s a redeeming quality on the video, I guess.

I cannot wait to see what dude says in response. What if he’s like some underground sect? Let me stop before they come after me!

Shout out to the Masons out there. I’ve got no quarrel with you.

Illseed, Out.


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