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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.

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Ron Artest was a special guest last week at a San Antonio, TX radio station with DJ Double R. Come to find out DJ Double R is Lil Flip's tour DJ. Follow me. Ron Artest and DJ Double R are on the air with the on-air personality Tino Cochino. I heard Ron was talking stuff about his riches, hating on the Spurs, and last but not least his music career. LMAO! Well Tino asks him what's going on with the music and Ron goes on to say he's ready for the majors and he just signed this new artist name Bugsy to his "Tru Warrior" label. Ron says he is fully prepared to “put that NBA money behind lil homey!"

Well, I heard that Lil’ Flip already has a vested interest in Bugsy and DJ Double R manages this young rapper. Word is Flip and Double R had already worked out an agreement on this Bugsy kid. I don’t know for sure, but I think Bug is on some of the Flip mixtapes. I heard there are a few questions that must be answered, because Flip and Double R were completely blindsided!

Just leave any subsequent beef to the wax! Ron fights fans!


Recently, Kimora referred to Russell as her “ex-husband” and I was like, “YO! How did I miss their divorce being filed!” I didn’t miss it! It wasn’t filed until Tuesday, and out in the news yesterday. Kimmie and Russie actually split up back in March of 2006 and we were all heartbroken. Kimora filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court Tuesday and she is asking for custody of their kids Ming, 8, and Aoki, 5. There you have it.


I told you this rumor wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back. I said that Beyonce was rumored to be taking her career away from the R&B sound and will be looking to head into the dance/pop world for her next CD. Now, I heard this was because Beyonce and crew believe in total domination. I heard this move was a direct response to the “beautiful nightmare” named Rihanna. Rihanna was able to shine on her own terms in the pop/dance world, away from the super singer / performer lane Beyonce has conquered (sorry Mya, Amerie and others). Somehow, Rihanna squeeked through!

Listen to “Beautiful Nightmare.”

While you are at it, listen to the new Cassie song, “Thirsty.” Will Beyonce decimate her as well, reducing her career to rubble?


No, not Dru Hill is broke! The group lost the chubby member and now they need a new dude that can sing. (With a name like Woody, you are bound to be chubby.) Anyway, I got the word that they group is going to have open audition for a new member in their hometown of Baltimore. Now that Omar and Snoop aren’t around, I guess they feel its safe to come back out.


Be Clear. T.I. is not about to be a preacher. The Bishop asked him to talk about getting tested for the “monster.” People that I know that are members of New Birth church say that Tip was there for a public service announcement. On Easter Sunday, I am getting that TI left right before alter call. The church did testing, blood drives, and fed and clothed the homeless. TI truly kept it real for the kids by saying "the best way to protect yourself is abstinence. However, we do not live in a perfect world and that today's kids are no more gonna pay attention to me than their parents so for the hard heads use protection." (LISTEN KIDDIES!) There are rumors that TI lingered after church to talk to Bishop Long about being a preacher. Tip left at like 1pm because he had to be home by 2pm. Church didn’t let out til’ 2:30 pm (yall know them long Black church services mess me up something awful during football season!).

Also, I heard Tiny is like six months into her pregnancy.


This has nothing to do with Shawty Lo’s “Dey Know,” but it is way funnier. On no they didn’t put “Bubble Guts” in a song!!!!


Out in Brooklyn, the word is that the rapper Kevin “CAVLAR” Lydel was beefing with Uncle Murder and friends. I don’t think this is related to his death by shooting, but I hate to hear this sort of news. This guy was known for putting out underground dvd's in the hood. I know he’s gone, but I just hope it was over something meaningful. I heard he was the father of three and was shot after an argument with two men. Wow. I wish our Hip-Hop dudes would man up a bit. No disrespect, but if that person isn’t your wife/mate, there isn’t a lot to argue about.


I can see it. G-Unit is trying very hard to keep it together and I personally hope that I am not adding to any preexisting beef. But the new 50 Cent/G-Unit game has been announced and it looks like a winner. They have 50 all digitally enhanced along with the rest of G-Unit – sorta. THERE IS NO YOUNG BUCK CHARACTER IN “50 CENT: BLOOD IN THE SAND!” Anyway, I don’t know what it means, but Young Buck is rugged! He caught a case for Dr. Dre and all that.

Here are some images of the 50 Cent stuff. I stole them from MTV.

Anyway…See the rest of the pictures from this video game. Looks good!


While in Amsterdam, Baby aka The Birdman aka the dude that Lil’ Wayne calls Daddy took time to blog it up with his fans. This is earlier in the month, but gives some insight on how he is living.

Stuntin in Amsterdam. My first day we landed in Amsterdam. We're surrounded by lots of water kinda like in New York. They got cabs but most of the people ova here ride bikes. Nothin but bikes like crazy. I ain't never seen no shit like this. The people are nice though. They love our music. They're very respectable. The food, I can't get with it. I can't really find nuthin so we eat light tuna fish. We hit up the cafe today. Went and bought some white willow all rolled up. The best burn u can ever smoke. And it's real cold out here. The buses we got are real fly. We about to go back out and check out they business district to go shopping. The US dollar ain't worth much ova here though. On 1000 dollars it's worth 500 Euro (that's what they call money). Its crazy what Bush doin. We need Obama in office bad to straighten some this shit out. I see why they ride bikes. Gas is like 8 dollars on the gallon. Unbelievable. Well, I'm going get back 2 the money. Hit y'all later. CMB!5:32 AM - 46 Comments - 44 Kudos - Add Comment


Green Lantern and Russell Simmons reunited for this promotional effort in homage to Barack Obama, the people's candidate! I heard all the songs will be of a positve nature, but the good vibes come from regular people! I heard there is HEAT on there...can't wait!

Yes we can and we will! Now can Hillary or McCain do a mixtape SON!?


Ya have to love Big Boi. This is less of a rumor and more of a matter of fact. Big Boi from OutKast is going to be taking it to the stage with the Atlanta Ballet! Big Boi has done some preliminary stuff but the official opening night is April 10th and it runs through the 13th. Six performances!

Here is the rumor. I heard the Dungeon Family is going to be taking it to Broadway with a play of some sort. More on that later.


Yesterday, Floyd Mayweather was in Time Square’s Hard Rock Café to promote Wrestlemania with Big Show. I am not sure what happened. My boy Exodus told me that John Legend is performing for the WWE. He will supposedly perform “America the Beautiful.” Well that’s cool, because, as much as I like Legend, he is the softest singer out this side of MiJac. Also, Kim “The Booty” Kardashian will be doing and like I said before Snoop will be the special master of ceremony for the Playboy bunny match. That’s the ladies wrestling.

I heard The Roots have broken a world record. Last night they had a listening session for their new album, Rising Down, it achieved the hottest temperature for a listening party ever. I heard the album is dope though.

The LA Times is going to launch an internal investigation into the breaking news that FBI reports in a Chuck Phillips story were fabricated. On the low, there are insiders from the Death Row days that are saying Chucky’s story isn’t that far off. I heard Diddy and Henchman are very excited at the new news.

The Smashing Pumpkins are suing Virgin Records because the label allegedly used their name and music in promotional deals without permission. Their fans didn’t like that, dude!

I know ya’ll heard this one. A songwriter-producer named D'Mystro of Maryland is suing The Roc and Kanye West for jacking his "Volume of Good Life" for the Kanye hit "Good Life."

I heard the days might be numbered for “America's Next Top Model,” at least with Tyra. Tyra is reportedly unhappy and she’s trying to focus on her own daytime talk show.


Vivica Fox to Upscale magazine on her plastic surgery.

“I feel like I have already addressed that back in the day. I just hate that I admitted to it and people will say on the Internet that I don’t look the same, “Oh, she is so plastic surgeried.” I don’t look like some freak. I still look like Vivica Fox. Stop it with that! I am in a business where I get paid to look good, but I’m very proud to have African-American features. I have not changed my nose! Yeah, I have experimented with it, but no, I’m not doing any more of that plastic surgery crap. I’m not the first or the only one, but I’m the idiot that admitted to it. Now everyone says, “That is her whole look.” I take care of myself.”


This is a sign.

An Oregon transgendered man claims to be five months pregnant.


Ok, a trangendered man is actually a man…that was once a woman, but lives as a man. So, the he/she is actually a woman that lives and breaths as a man. This person, Thomas Beatie, is legally a man and he/she is expecting a girl. So, he was taking testosterone injection and stopped them so he/she could get pregnant. Thomas is legally married to a woman and all that. When he/she got his/her boobs removed, he didn’t take out the female reproductive parts and some other assets. He/she is expecting a baby girl.

I wonder…how this baby will grow up being raised by a man that was a woman, but had a baby as a man…and his/her wife?

Look for the baby to come out of the ____ in July.


A teen girl died after attempting to get corrective surgery on her boobs died after a bad reaction to anesthesia. Check out this report from the Associated Press.

BOCA RATON, Fla. (March 26) - A South Florida teenager who was captain of her high school cheerleading squad and had plans to become a doctor died after corrective breast surgery, a family attorney said Tuesday.

Stephanie Kuleba, 18, died Saturday, about 24 hours after her surgery. Kuleba was rushed to Delray Medical Center about two hours into the procedure to correct asymmetrical breasts and inverted areola, family attorney Roberto Stanziale said.

Kuleba went to her doctor's outpatient office, not a hospital for the procedure, reports CBS News' The Early Show. Both her plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist were board certified.



Midgets rock!




A letter I got:

"I didn’t even know they celebrated Easter in Africa." - your last sentence on the Akon/Kenya story...

Your job is to write rumors, fair enough. But don't spread your ignorance and stereotypes to your readers. What did you think Africa was, the jungle?!? You better go read up on books or fly you’re a** to a country in Africa to see what's going on. You African-Americans need to learn more about the first half of your label; where you originated from. Without knowledge of your origins, you're still mentally used, abused and oppressed; even Africa has made more progress in the last 50 years!

My reply:

See. I was with this person at first and then he added all this presumptuous jungle stuff. No, I don’t know anything about Easter and Africa, because Easter is a Christian tradition. I keep tabs on African and confer with people there. I know it’s not a big, ol’ jungle and that it’s progressive. For whatever reason, a lot of people seemed to equate celebrating Easter = civilization or civilized people. Nevertheless , sorry for the misunderstanding.

Well, one reader Peter wrote me this (with a few additions and edits by me) and it summed up how I feel better than I can:

In Africa before Christianity and Islam came, traditional religions were prominently used and we worshipped the so-called "gods" but now Christianity and Islam are now a way of life for most people in most countries in Africa.

A lot of critics say the "White men" brought religion to divide and conquer the continent which is somewhat true because of the continuous on-going violence between the Christians and the Muslims in Africa but overall I think Christianity was a good thing to come to Africa - not the motives of some of the people who brought it though (the Portuguese: slavery, exploitation of resources...etc.)

Not to go out of context but yes even though outsiders brought it, it has become celebrated as customary traditions in a lot of African countries. For example in my country, Nigeria, Easter, Christmas, Sallah, are national holidays. The presidents are sworn in using the Holy Bible and so are other officials like governors of most states except if the state is a predominantly Muslim state, then they use the Koran.



If you watched The Wire, you know what this is all about. Thanks for the picture Mr. Salido!


Mike Jones changes his look up! What do you think?

I don't understand Fantasia and these faces! Why? Shout out to Jye.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST...I'm coming to Africa in 2008! (Maybe)



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