Hip-Hop Rumors:The Nick Cannon Eminem Diss Is Here! Omarion Kicked Outta Young Money! Trina Dissing Kenyon?

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I don't know how many Slaughterhouse records were shipped, but I am getting a lot of people that couldn't find the SH CD. Here is one example of many emails that got from Justin.

I'm in the army so I'm living in TN about an hour out side of Nashville, it took me all week to find the Slaughterhouse cd I went to atleast 10 stores to some that only sell Hip-Hop and they didnt know who it was or if they would have any in. I think that could be hurting their sales.

YA THINK??? Thanks Justin!

Anyway, the rumors are pretty light today! Still, here is what I got...I mean, have.

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Looks like bad news for ol' Omari! Seems like somebody has leaked a new song with Wayne and Omarion and forced somebody to "out" his real status. This is what I got in my inbox. The song is called "I Get It In" and it features both dudes, but Mack Maine sent out a blast that set the record straight. He said, "ATTN: Omarion is no longer Young Money...the song day leaked ft. Wayne is not official..good luck 2 him in his future endeavors..no further comments." Now, this is what I am curious about...did Bow Wow joining result in O getting the boot. I can't recall fully, but didn't they have some sort of beef?

Anyway, here is the odd side of it. My homey J Smooth saw Wayne and the crew at the recent stop (I think Los Angeles). He said they brought Omari out on stage and even introduced him as the latest member of Young Money. Man, they went so far as to let him do a Michael Jackson dedication with a MOONWALK. AND, now...he's no longer on. I smell a rat!


Rumor has it, this song is devoted to Kenyon Martin, Trina's baby boo. It would seem like he has a penchant for strippers and "jawns." So...check it out.


Mistah Fab and Julia Beverly of Ozone are/were beefing on Twitter. Fab accused her of going down on rappers for interviews and having sex for exclusives. Obviously, she denied these allegations. He says he knows the rappers she slept with...and she says no. He also alleges some form of racism to her. I mean, who knows. It all seems a bit juvenile to me. By the same token, I don't know what they are beefing about.


After listening to it, I cannot determine if this is real or fake. My gut is that this is somebody's idea of fun.


Back in the day, Eminem was a rapper that sucked. Now, he's ill. Here are some of the old, sucky raps.

"Foolish Pride"

Eminem ft Chaos Kid - "Artificial Flavor"

Eminem ft Choas Kid - "Unrealistic Graphic"

Eminem ft Chaos Kid - "Poo Butt"


Not looking good for Michael Jackson's doctor. They are charging him with manslaughter.

Whitney Houston will appear on Oprah's show in September.

Pitbull got the Key to Miami!

The news of Big Boi going to Def Jam seems to be wrong. He has refuted the idea altogether.

Looks like that 15 year old I talked about yesterday is going to press charges against Lil Wayne's bodyguard.

Similarly, Beyonce and Jay's bodyguard is going to catch a charge from Croatian police after that fight with paps. They threw a camera at him! LOL! I think you deserve to get your tail beat for buggin' like that.

Blogger beware. A model recently sued a blog for defamation and won. If you don't know anything about slander or defamation, look that up.

They are saying the Lebron James may have planted another seed in his girl. If this is true, this would be number three.

Biggie's daughter just turned 16 and celebrated it in honor of her daddy. Crazy how time flies. Kid Cudi performed.


This is really isn't a sign of anything other than nothing has really changed. The Top 10 most racist moments in TV history. Check it.


I remember a day when dances came about organically and THEN the song about the dance came. Well, now people just make dances just got make dances. A dance called the "Tina Turner?" I'm sorry. Its not working.


If you like Miss Mouth, can you let me know! Give me and her some honest feedback on how she can better serve you! As you know, this is a trial period, but I want to give her an honest shot. Her views do not represent illseed or AllHipHop,com.

Yesterday, I was asked to define my term “Smash Bunnie.” (DJ Nuff Said, Detroit MI) I can’t really give you a definition because it is subjective to its user. But a sure indicator of a “Smash Bunnie” is a girl that tells you that she “doesn’t get along with other chicks” and that most of her “friends are male.” I hope that helps babes J


Last week I reported that Jordin Sparks would be opening up for Britney Spears for her Circus Tour. But I had absolutely no clue that she was replacing Ciara. That is the best decision Britney’s team could’ve made. Ci Ci knows how to tear down a stage! Folks would’ve left after the opening act. Ciara would have had all of those little Spears stans thinking “Britney Who?”


I am always watching television, particularly reality TV. Did anyone else see that crazy broad Aloha flip out on Real & Chance? I was rotflmao. Aloha is from Hawaii and she ate raw Salmon straight from the fridge. Real told her that she “lives on the main island now and that she needs to domesticate herself.” I could not stop laughing. I don’t know about you all, but I can’t understand why anyone would go on that show with the intention of dating “Chance.” He is such an overgrown child and flaming homosexual. But Real is a cutie and I could braid his hair all day! Besides what’s the deal with eating raw Salmon? That’s the only way to eat it.


Tyra has some nerve, ya know! She is on a campaign to stop women from wearing weave. She plans to go “all natural” on the new season of her talk show. Tyra kills me with her “holier than thou” tirades. She has been quoted as saying “weave is slave hair.” I don’t mean to burst her bubble but white women have mastered the art of wearing weaves. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been rocking my natural for over a year, I just don’t like how hypocritical she is being. Maybe she just wants to level the playing field with all the “young blood” in Hollywood.


I am so waiting for Nefee and Frankie’s crazy azzes; in the meantime I’ve been watching “Tiny & Toya.” At first “Tiny & Toya” was really hard to watch because of their hard accents, but I have really become a fan. I was really offended Tuesday, when that book agent told Toya “watch out Keyshia Cole.” As black women we tend not to get along already, do we really need this dude fueling the fire? I wonder if he was saying that because Toya’s mother is addicted to drugs also. Whatever his reason, I DIDN”T LIKE IT. Toya is such a sweet girl and Tiny is a wonderful friend to her. They have such a beautiful friendship.


Chima was actually tossed from “Big Brother” because of her explosive temper towards the other houseguests. She also threw a $4000 microphone into the swimming pool.


Even though Jermaine Dupree and Janet Jackson are allegedly no longer an item, he is still pissed off at the mainstream media’s portraying of MJ, particularly GQ Magazine. I have to agree with JD. GQ Magazine allegedly has MJ on the cover of it’s magazine with the caption “When Michael Was Cool.” When was Mike not cool? Is it me or have white folks been gunning for Mike ever since he purchased the Beatles’ catalog. Typically when someone dies the media focuses on the good aspects of their life, but with Mike they are doing quite the contrary. I was watching his funeral and some idiotic reporters out in Cali were complaining about taxpayer’s dollars being used for his burial. It’s freaking Michael Jackson dude; he entertained the world and changed music forever! Didn’t he deserve it? I also heard that Fox News is reporting that MJ’s cardiologist may be charged with manslaughter soon.


Actress Zoe Saldana is starring in the new movie “Avatar.” This is a good look for her. Avatar should be a box office smash because it has a production budget of over $300 stacks.


Bey & Jay’s bodyguard got into a brawl with the paparazzi. He should have let Bey handle it. I saw her in “Obsessed” and Beyonce can “throw hands.” Check out the footage below.


Photos have recently hit the net of your favorite T. Dot rapper that are leading folks to speculate that he may be a “mud wrestler.” (And if you like that reference well I’ve got plenty) I honestly don’t believe that Drake is gay. I just think that he is taking his impersonation of Kanye West to “a whole notha level.” Kanye West has gay rumors and now Drake has gay rumors! Has Drake really been linked to singer Trey Songs? But I finally broke down and listened to Drake’s entire mixtape. I must admit that it was hot.




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