THE OG SPEAKS FOR FOXY BROWN.If you don’t know, Chaz Williams, google him and find out a bit. He’s the CEO of Black Hand and he's been around for a long while. Here is the statement he released to the press. You might have seen parts of this around, but this is the whole, unedited letter straight from the big homey. I didn’t change a word. This is Chaz Williams, Black Hand Inc., Foxy Brown's rep. This will be the official and only response to the alleged incident. We do not know anything about a robbery, or assault. The police are giving misleading information for the sake of sensationalism. We know nothing about any pimps, prositutes, or boyfriends. I am the rep that showed up at the 75th police station in Brooklyn and stopped Foxy Brown from cooperating with any further questioning. We attempted to leave the police station but were stopped and blocked by uniformed and plainclothes officers. I informed them she did not want to file a complaint and we wanted to leave. The police would not allow us to leave. I told them if we are under arrest then we have the right to remain silent and if we are not under arrest then we have the right to leave. I called our attorneys, Robert Simels, and Scott Bretsnider who both concurred we should not be detained and allowed to leave. Attorney Scott Bretsnider spoke to police officers at the 75th and told them Foxy Brown did not want to talk to them and wanted to leave. Foxy Brown lost her bag in the East New York section of Brooklyn containing her credit cards and identification and was told she needed to place a police report to protect against fraud and identity theft. I told her on advice of our attorneys to discontinue the interview unless she had counsel present and not to consent to any fingerprint dusting of her car. Foxy denied them consent to go in her car, and we were then allowed to leave the police station. I saw a photo of a girl name Roshawn Anthony in the paper. I don't know this person. I think her legal aide Hughes is more interested in getting his name in the paper then defending his client. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to know he should be seeking a complaint room dismissal instead of trying to join in the sensationalism. Foxy Brown is not coming into any courtroom and certainly not to any grand jury. After taking Foxy home. She had returned from a tour earlier that day and was exhausted. I went back to Brooklyn and retrieved her bag and all her belongings. I have many friends and family in the Pink Houses. I had everything back within two hours after leaving the police station. This story is being blown up more than it is. Foxy Brown never got any medical attention and was fine. I am still trying to figure out how the police was communicating and understanding a person who could not hear them and they could not understand when they heard the lawyer tell them Foxy wanted to leave.For more on this matter (and I promise there is more), check the news section on AHH! TOMORROW, WE LOVE YOU!They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!-illseedWHO: illseedWHAT: RumorsWHERE: AllHipHop.com, MySpace.com/TheIllseedHOW: Send your rumors and ill pics to illseed at ahhrumors@gmail.com.- allhiphop rumors