Hip-Hop Rumors:The Real Rick Ross Is FREE! Amy Winehouse Can Spit Raps!

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I am hearing strong words that the original Freeway is out. The original Rick Ross is out. That's right. The infamous Freeway Ricky Ross has been released from jail, according to sources that I have. I wonder how this will affect the whole rap nation of trappers? The king is out and he's a changed man. In the 80's Freeway RR was pushing that white up and down the streets of LA to a tune of $3 million a week. The crazy thing is that Freeway Rick is about 50 years old. Dude has a lot more life in him. I hope he can reach out to the youth and tell them this ain't the way in a way rapper refuse. Even still, I hope he tells of the connection between him and the CIA and how they pumped those drugs in the 'hood for money....ahhhhhh...let me shut up. Look up the story.


Since Amy Winehouse isn't doing much singing, I guess she is cool with freestyling on the mic for fun. Check out this vid. She's actually nicer than a lot of rappers out today. LOL!


“It wasn't 50 Cent [who made the comments],” 50 told Angie Martinez. “Hip-Hop has cool punk and Jay is the coolest punk in Hip-Hop. He’s big. And his take on it is [he ’s] bigger than the art form and he won’t actually and compete. Battling has been a part of the culture.”

“When he [Jay-Z] has to say no one is scared of 50 Cent, it’s because the public is responding to his punk presentation,” 50 Cent said. “Kanye wouldn’t take the trophy from me and neither would Jay-Z.”

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Here is one other last thing that 50 Cent said about Eminem and the song "Forever."

50 also revealed that Shady Records boss Eminem is not happy with the track “Forever,” which features Drake, Kanye West and Lil Wayne.

“I don’t think Em knew everyone was going to be on the record,” 50 Cent said. “Initially I think he just did a verse with it. He mixed his records and then they remixed it. I don’t think he’s happy with that at all.”

CHANCE ENCOUNTERS! (Shout out to Marchitech for the name of the column. He's a rapper in Delaware.)

JD & JANET BACK ON??I cant even keep up with whether or not these two are together ... one week they break up, the next he's consoling her, the next she's dating someone, now I guess it's back on the two recently hooked up in Milan for fashion week:

They've been together for 7 years now daaaaammmmnnnnnnnn.....

ROSA ACOSTA ... A JUMP OFF??Rosa Acosta came out of nowhere and became the hottest video model on the planet. So the rumor that she was engaged to Soulja Boy wasn't true now I'm hearing that she may be or may have been Kim Kardashians brothers "jump off". I believe he's currently dating Adrienne Bailon the spanish girl from 3LW. Dude isnt as famous as his sisters but he definietly keeps a nice roster of ladies and for that I salute him...I'M JUST SAYIN'Jeezy is getting ready to drop ... expect the single to drop next week. Apparently the album features heavy production from Boi 1da and Shawty ReddDrake's 1st single for Thank Me Later is supposedly called Shut It Down and it features The Dream ... say what you want about the Hip Hop yodeler but that boy got HITS!!!!Shout out to DJ FolkGood to see rappers being recognized for positivity ... The Big "O" Youth Educational Dream Foundation, founded in memory of Ottis Redding will honor Luda for his philanthropy in NovemberI read a while back that Monique has a movie making the film festival rounds ... and theirs talk of OscarsAl Qaeda smuggling bombs in their hind parts ... SMH ... what is this world coming to??Peace - ChanceCDR @ Twitter or Gmail

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