Hip-Hop Rumors: The Winners of illseed's Twitter Contest

THE DAILY TWO SENSEHere is another reason you should follow me on Twitter @illseed! Not only am worth the follow, but I do spur of the moment contests and other things. So, the other day, somebody was talking to me and I listened. I told the artists that I would listen and give feedback to all of the rappers/singer I could in 30 minutes. That 30 minutes turned into an hour and a half. It was cool, but it definitely threw my rumors off. Anyway! Here we go! Give them a shot! Guess the two rappers I like that most! Click here for my Twitter...@illseed!TWITTER WINNERS

So, the other day, I did a lil thingy on twitter where I listened to a rapper or 100 and said that I would pick one and feature them on AHH. I started off picking one, but I actually ended up liking about four. Here they are.


A Female rapper! Whooooooooooo! Xplicit Lyric won me over from the start of her video. There you go! She's got a big sound on the records and flows nice. OK.


I gotta admit...I was looking for somebody with some hard beats and hard raps and the homey Wyldfyer came through with Akida and his song "The Wrong Rapper." This is perfect to complete the trifecta!

Kida - The Wrong Rapper (Produced by !llmind)


Poe Picasso - Inspiration

This was dope and they got in the winner's circle after I had closed the contest. Shout out to all these talents. NICE!