Hip-Hop Rumors: Tiny Ready For Jail? 50's New Beef! Epic Wins & Fails


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info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.WHO: illseedWHAT: Rumors, Funnies, Fails and more!WHERE: illseed.com, twitter.com.illseedHOW: Send your rumors, sightings and ill pics to illseed at allhiphoprumors@gmail.com.TINY PREPARING FOR A BID?

This doesn’t sound too credible. Everybody thinks they will beat the case with the high-end lawyer. All the yap on the yard is that Tiny is preparing to do a bid. Now, this bid doesn’t seem to infer that T.I. will be joining her in the big…just her. That’s what id ont get from it, because they both have situations here.Anyway, Tiny’s drug priors make her more of a candidate on this, they argue but it seems to me that the parole violation is a bigger strike against Tip. Who knows…its all guess work. Tip’s mother is supposedly on deck to take the kids if it comes to that.


I’m stll waiting for PETA to release a statement about the BP oil spill, which now has a nice layer of oil on the ocean floor. You know, that’s really killin’ animals and ecology. Anyway, they have opted to take it to 50 Cent over some damn dog he had. Here is what they said to 50 over twitter.

RT @peta: sorry @50cent but that pic is not funny considering how many calls we get from ppl alerting us to dogs who really have been stabbed.

And his dog is named OPRAH.


Dude is killin em out here. Shout out to Erik.


Whats up illseed. I go to school at Penn State and last night Lloyd Banks came to town and performed at a small club about a block away from my appartment. I still dont know how this club got banks but whatever. Anyway, Banks absolutly killed it. He stuck with what got him here and no nonsense. Basically he played almost all of Hunger for More 1 and a bunch of his verses off Beg for Mercy. He even said he was gonna bring out 50 but then said he was just playin. he finished up with his two hits any girl and beamer benz or bently of course and really put on a great show. So i just wanted to shout out to you and give Banks his credit, dude works hard and really got the place jumpin!!!


Braylon Edwards was getting it in.

Did they say if he’d be playing or not? He was arrested for DUI after a breathalyzer came in twice the legal limit in NYC. This is all misdemeanor stuff. There’s nothing elsse to see here folks..move on.


LeBron James reportedly proposed to his baby moms. Congrats!

Jesse Jackson Jr. reportedly was caught with a blonde and misusing state funds. He’s married and very apologetic.

Yesterday, I printed a portion of an interview with DJ Whoo kid. A bunch of people were dissing me like saying I can’t write or whatever. I’m not the best writer, but that was from the interview, not my words. So, basically you are saying Whoo Kid cannot talk. LOL!

Dip Set is plotting a comeback show in NYC very soon.


Antione Dodson has purchased a new house off that “Intruder Song,”which was based on somebody trying to rape is sister. CRAZY! Here is what he told US Weekly.

"We found a house!" he tells Us, adding that he is so "excited ... It's for my whole family. And these are new houses that have just been built."

"We found a house!" he tells Us, adding that he is so "excited ... It's for my whole family. And these are new houses that have just been built."

He said he’s going to get his Associates Degree for Business.


Lets see Dubya get you outta this one!

And Velma Hart, you can get it too. Corny woman…man, just look at this video of her dissing Obama. WACK.


I don’t know what this is a sign of, but it sure is ill. The credit card of the future.


Wow. Well, which one is Coco?

Here they are from the front

COCO PUFFS, WE LOVE YOU! They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!