Hip-Hop Rumors: Tionna Smalls Producing New Reality Show?

AllHipHop Staff

Rumors say that Tionna Smalls is trying to revamp an idea she had for a reality show.

This rumor stems from a couple of years ago when Tionna Smalls held auditions for what she describes as "boss chicks," for a reality show she was pitching to various networks. At that time, she was looking at various women in media who were either at the top or climbing to the top.

The show didn't get picked up but then a few of the women being considered ended up on doing other things on TV including Bravo's forthcoming show, Blood, Sweat and Heels. Even Smalls went on to have her own show on MTV (Girl Get Your Mind Right).

But the whispers have picked back up and they're alleging that Smalls doesn't give up easily and that she's switching things up a bit to focus on some of Brooklyn's "it girls" and/or socialites. It's still a similar concept but since Brooklyn is hot right now I guess it would make sense to make it borough-specific.

Nothing is etched in stone just yet but stay tuned.