Hip-Hop Rumors: Trayvon Martin and the Master P Connection

AllHipHop Staff

By now, we've all heard about the tragic death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida at the hands of an overzeaolus neighborhood watchman named George Zimmerman. More and more details about the case are emerging. Some good, bad, and some controversial about the character of the young man, as well as the intent of Zimmerman.

Master P

The Twitter handle to Trayvon's now deactivated twitter account was @NO_LIMIT_NI**A, a phrase that rapper/actor and business man Master P made famous, as well as the partial name of his record label. One has to wonder, did Trayvon aspire to be a businessman like Master P? Did he have dreams of reaching his full potential, and did he believe that there was truly "no limit" to what he could achieve? These things we will never know.

In support of Trayvon, Hip-Hop has taken the initiative to speak out about his death and the injustice it feels he is receiving. Several artists have commented about the tragedy and even written songs speaking on the incident.

Below are three songs inspired by the Trayvon Martin murder, made by Plies, Mistah F.A.B and Jasiri X.

1. Piles - "We Are Trayvon (Trayvon Martin Tribute)"

Key lyrics: "I never thought wearing no hoodie, could cost your life / And I never thought you could just kill somebody and get out the same night"

2. Mistah F.A.B. - "God Don't Love Me (RIP Trayvon Martin)"

Key lyrics: "The whole world wanna talk about Kony / But ain't nobody speakin' on the lil' homie"

3. Jasiri X - "Trayvon"

Key lyrics: "Trayvon never gave his cousin his skittles / Missed the All-Star Game didn't see another dribble"

Will Master P put a tribute song together as well? I hope so. The more we can do to shine a light on the case, the better.