Hip-Hop Rumors: Tupac's Unreleased Sex Tape Song Selling For $1 Million!?! Rick Ross Says Goodbye to Jet Life!

Unreleased Song Featured in Tupac Sex Tape Gets Big A$$ Offer!!

As TMZ first reported, an anti-hangover drink company called NOHO has offered to pay $1 million for the rights to the unreleased song Tupac was rapping along with ... while he was being "tended to" by a very friendly female in the 1991 footage. Sources connected to the negotiations say the offer was big enough to catch the estate’s attention, because a rep for Pac's people reached out to NOHO, and the two sides are trying to work out a deal. There’s only one problem... the estate doesn’t have possession of the sex tape and aren’t even sure which song is playing on it.

So to clarify... $1 million is being offered for the rights to a song that no one knows what it is, or who it's even by...they're just "banking" on the possibility that it's a never before heard Tupac song from a sex tape that hasn't been released. I call bullsh*t. What about you?

Rick Ross: From Jet Life to Bus Life...


After the two seizures that rapper Rick Ross suffered over the weekend, good friend and producer DJ Khaled picked up his boy in Alabama where he was being hospitalized and transported him to Memphis on his luxurious tour bus, where they apparently checked out a new chicken wing spot. Their next stop is Atlanta. Stay healthy, Ross, and lay off that hot sauce!