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I may have slacked off for a day, but Chance didn’t. Check out HIS rumors! There are some good ones!


Last week Fab went in on Joe Buddens new girlfriend Somaya Reece and like the other celebrities before her she became the laughingstock of Twitter for a little while. Well Budden has come out and defended his new main jawn stopping short of attacking Fab (don't want to end up on that #TT list). He says the whole thing was some "sucker s**t" but he's "honestly not talking about nothing that Fab did". He's blaming this one on the fans who he claims are d**k riders.

NEW YE'!!!!!!

This is the Kanye West I've been missing. I figured this was old when I heard it but apparently this is a verse Kanye recorded for Last Train To Paris...now if we can just get an album with this spirit:


Treach says he taped it and word is it's still floating around out there. Pac has been putting out music for over a decade after his death now he's about to drop a sex tape??? Pac is one bad mother...


So who will be the next "famous" person with nude pics on the net?? Aaron Reid your up. Aaron is LA Reid's son and he got a little bit of fame when he was featured on My Super Sweet Sixteen. Well apparently he met someone in Miami and despite "being cocky as hell" this person "still agreed to have sex with him". Unfortunately homey went in for 10 minutes then passed out and his new friend is pretty upset. Now she is sending out pictures of Mr. Reid with his "little Reid" hanging out of his pajamas asking blog sites to expose him...I'm not looking forward to the pics but there is a lesson here...be careful who you deal with and make sure you put it down this is what happens when you don't.


Trina was in MY city this weekend (NYC) shooting the video for her new song "That's My Attitude" and looked amazing...she also performed at Mango's out in Jersey.I heard it was PACKED.


Looks like everybody isn't as over the whole RiRi thing as we'd like to think. Chris went out on the town for a nice evening of shopping but some girl let him have it...is she doing too much or is she giving him what he deserves???


A bodyguard by the name of Kevin White, who has worked with celebrities like Diddy and Mariah Carey was killed over the weekend by police in Cypress Hill. They claim he was holding a gun which he was told to drop and they claim there is even security camera footage showing him shooting back at the police. People defending Kevin say he had just wrestled the gun away from another patron at a local bar. I wasn't there so I cant say either way but after 22 years of dealing with the police I think I have a pretty good idea of what really happened so I will add this to my list.


Bey was across the pond for a few days last week and she was definietly not traveling light. She rented a seperate room to store her 12 bags which included 7 suitcases, 3 hand luggage bags, 2 boxes, 14 dressed, "lots of shoes", makeup and 25 wigs...guess it takes a lot of equipment to look like this: I'M JUST SAYIN'Some

Egyptian big-wig gave Beyonce a tour of the Sphinx and concluded she

was "stupid" because she didn't understand ANYTHING and was just there

for a photo op.Janet Jackson has finally said what we all know ... Dr. Conrad Murray killed her brother ... YOU SUCK CONRAD!!!!Kanye gave his first performance at the 02 Arena in London over the weekend...Beyonce brought him out to do Ego.The creators of T-Pain, Lil Wayne and Ne-Yo (their mothers) have come together to produce a talk show...they are currently shopping the pilot.Lebron James wants EVERY player in the league to give up the number 23 in honor of MJ...he has started a petition and has agreed to take up his Olympic jersey number 6.One of Keyshia Cole's many siblings has decided to take a shot at superstardom...check her out here..Anthony Anderson and one of EX-President (feels so good to say that) Bush's daughters getting it on??? It would be a good look if it's true.Rihanna will be giving her first full performance since the CB incident today at 3pm ... click here to watch LIVE!!!.50 Cent say's if Jay-Z engages him one of them wont survive...who is your money on???Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom headed for divorce??? ... Cut your losses now Lamar.Tiny say's her and T.I. will be wed next year...she is planning a fairy tale wedding around his release.Businessman Romain Zago had a pretty dope bday party last week ... Kelly Rowland even sang a few tunes:

YOU WRONG FOR THAT FIF'The picture says it all...here is Rick Ross's family hanging out with 50 Cent at Floyd Mayweathers house over the weekend:

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