Hip-Hop Rumors: Two Weddings For Jay-Z & Beyonce - Next Up - FRANCE?


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Mr. Knowles and Jay-Z's mother head to the gala.

Tent on top of Jay-Z's building

Pics from the New York Post.


Beyoncé and Jay-Z are now rumored to be getting married two times! They are supposedly getting married in New York today (April 4) but also they are also jumping the broom in France, according to In Touch. Apparently, the pair are obssessive over the number four and HAD to have thison 4/4/04. Then there is supposedly going to be another one on MAY 4 IN FRANCE. They are throwing off the numerology right now, but fine. THE JAY-Z / BEYONCE MARRIAGE (OR WHATEVER THIS IS) RUN DOWN!

Well, Well, Well.

Here are all the things I am hearing.

They are actually married already!

It’s all bogus!

Ashton and his show finally found the “ONE” and hopes it will work for the best!

It ain’t a wedding, but an engagement party!

AllHipHop.com had a pair of people down there and they left. Sources close to the situation said that it is just a major hoax and that the pair would never get married in Tribecca.

Also, another person said that this is merely a diversion.

Also, tmz got a picture of Tina Knowles, Beyonce’s mom really causal at about 5:47 pm. Their source said there was a party tonight. Nothing more. Also, B’s pops Matthew was seen casual too walking into the Bloomberg building in NYC. Errrrrrr….not looking good!

Also, Jay-Z has a concert on Saturday with Mary J. Honeymoon? Nope!

According to tmz.com, Jay-Z's mama and Beyonce's mother rode into the venue in the same car, at the same time.

Thanks again tmz – they are over at the Bloomberg building all wearing white! Run over there razzis! Jay-Z’s mother is in a formal dress! Solange – WHITE!

Jay-Z just signed a $150 million deal with Live Nation. Maybe its just Jay Day and everybody’s celebrating? Its going down!


Kelly just arrived in a WHITE DRESS (I know she is looking damn good!)

8:05 - Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin who just arrived! COLD PLAY IN THE HIZZOUSE! Coldplay doesn't show up for BS!(Suddenly, I wonder...Does Rihanna get an invite to this?)8:16 pm - Mr. Knowles is there in a SILVER JACKET! Shinin'!8:23 pm - Some of the people were spotted leaving the Bloomberg center in NYC...where are thy going!?

(Will Bleek remove his doo rag?)What I am hearing is that there are only about 30 peope invited to this lil' affair. 9:16 pm - Perez Hilton says the United States Secret Service inside to sweep the place for danger, the media or illseed. 10:16 pm - I am going to take a nap. E-mail me when something new pops up. ahhrumors@gmail.com.WHAT WE KNOW:

Jay-Z / Beyonce Wedding Location Revealed?

Jay-Z and Beyonce got their marriage license and now the place they will be married is starting to leak.

The entertainment powerhouse is rumored to be married in a Hudson Street condo they own in the Tribecca section of Manhattan, reports entertainment blog The Greasy Guide. Also, the nuptials will reportedly occur at 6 pm.

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Kelly and Michelle giggling like school girls:



It is cold and raining in the New York area so if Jay-Z and Beyonce are getting married, they may have a beef with Mother Nature. People have been looking hard at whether or not Jay-Z and B got married or not. I say no, but there are all sorts of looks like Jay-Z’s B-Day (December 4) and B’s Birthday (September 4). Don’t forget those tattoos. And, April 4th! And 4 + 4 = 08! LOL. People are totally reaching, but if it happens…we’ll all look silly. Anyway, best wishes with that!

They say that Jay-Z attended some type of private after party on April 2 (the day after applying for the marriage license) that really resembled a bachelor party with all the scantily clad women. Was Jay-Z getting his last hurrah in with the ladies? (Shout out to Gareth from T-Dot on the concert break down!)


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