Hip-Hop Rumors: Tyler the Creator Crashes Gucci Mane Show, Gets Yoked Up & Dragged Off By Security!

Tyler the Creator is insane in the membrane! The Odd Future member jumped on stage in the middle of a Gucci Mane concert and was dragged off stage by his collar by Gucci's security, who thought he was just an out of control fan. Tyler had a huge smile on his face while he was being hauled off, like he enjoyed being mishandled. This kid is weird. Check out the video below:

Oh, man! Did you see Tyler come back on stage jumping around like he was auditioning for a rock video or something?? Security came back for him a second time, but someone in Gucci's entourage told him Tyler was okay. He is out of control!

On a side note, why did the audience drop him like that when he tried to crowd surf? Sorry, Tyler, wrong show!