Hip-Hop Rumors: VH1's Hip-Hop Honors Edition! All The Rumors...Run Down!

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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. But this is the Hip-Hop Honors Edition so a lot of this is actually real!


So, the guys of AllHipHop.com and others went to the taping for the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors yesterday, the Def Jam 25 Edition.. Basically, Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur (@chuckcreekmur) and Steve Raze (@steveraze) were at the event and twittered the whole dag-on thing. So, what I did is basically took their tweets and others and created the rumors of today. If you don’t care to know what happened at the Hip-Hop Honors, wait for the regular rumor update in a few.


Well, first of all, here is some stuff that I heard not from Jigsaw or Raze.

I heard that DMX and Ja Rule had a moment backstage where they basically made some sort of peace pact. As you know from yesterday’s rumors, Ja was talking like something may pop off if he saw Eminem or DMX, his (former?) arch enemies. But Eminem apparently opened the show and was out. But he and DMX may have made peace.

Also, a few people hit me and said that Nice N Smooth, the old school rappers that were down with Def Jam were livid that they couldn’t get into the Hip-Hop Honors! I mean, I don’t know if somebody didn’t recognize them or just didn’t care to let them in. nevertheless…no luck.

First of all, Jigsaw tweeted: “lyor just dissed the mess outta death row and bad boy! oh snap!!!!!” After searching around, I discovered that Lyor was talking about Def Jam as a brand and how blue-collar they were. He compared the label to a car and said they would get under the hood, under the car and get dirty to satisfy the customer (listener). He dissed Death Row Records saying something like they were all muscle and couldn’t fit under the care and that Bad Boy Records was too pretty in their shiney suits to do such work. I have to see how he said, but I was told it was RAW. Here is what Miss Info said about the same thing. “Wow.....watch the hhh when it airs just for this dope lyor cohen segment...he talks defjam vs suge vs badboy

Raze gave a view of the scene: Hip-Hop Honors about to start peep this look http://twitpic.com/ivru2 (Click to see the pic) Apparently, they were very close to all the Def Jam royalty – Kevin Liles, Russell Simmons, Rick Rubin, Lyor Cohen and a bunch of other people from the first guard of Def Jam.

Raze said: Steve Raze Exclusive: I saw KRS-One and he told me he was doing a tribute to the Beastie Boys. !!!!

Eminem and Black Thought did their thing as LL Cool J, but LL himself didn’t perform. Wonder why? Also, there is a line in LL’s Rock the Bells where he says, “You like Mike Jackson? (crowd replies) We like Cool J!)” Well they changed that lyric to pay some sort of homage to the King of Pop.

Public Enemy performed, but the crazy thing was later in the night Louis Farrakhan showed up! Here is what Jigsaw said, “public enemy brought farrakhan to hip hop honors...wow. he's got more security than anybody here.” and “watching flavor flav talk to farrakhah.”

Rumor has it, Trey Songz tried to sing in the same cadance as Nate Dogg on a song with Warren G. That’s just a rumor.

Malcolm Jamal Warner was there.

Chris Rock was too and he messed up his lines and screamed, "what the f--k yall got me reading!!!!!????"

This is something super interesting to me that I cannot wait to see: “foxy is wearing the best outfit of the night.” Here is what LowKey said about Foxy: “So Foxy n Fab performed "I'll Be" and Foxy's tits look like they have their own zip code, area code an social security number”

Seems like the audience really wanted to see Jay-Z to the point where somebody yelled “Where’s Jay-Z!?” Jay is overseas somewhere. Nobody affiliated with Jay was included in Hip-Hop honors was present either.

I saw quite a lot of people complaining about the live band. It seems the some of it took away from the Hip-Hop feeling of things. Here’s what LowKey said: “Kid Rock goes in on LL's "I'm Bad". Another live band fail.”

I was informed that Sticky Fingaz was asking about me, which is cool since I am a big fan. Maybe I will do a song with him called “Throw Ya Onez.”

I was told that there were some old school rappers that really looked really old and decrepit (not Jigsaw or Steve, by the way).


That’s pretty much it. I don’t wanna ruin it for anybody. If you want to read/see more of the action, head over to (@chuckcreekmur) or (@steveraze) on twitter.


Looks like Eminem found something to get him hype about. Well, after he appeared in the Drake video with Slaughterhouse behind him, the logical rumors started. Is Em trying to sign them to Shady? WHO KNOWS! Nobody knows and the crew isn’t talking yet.

Uhmmmmmm….More later!


I want to squash beef with Foxy.

PEACE!!!!!Oh yeah...VH1's "Hip Hop Honors"airs October 13.

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